When conducting a meeting for professional or business purposes, composing an official log of it is necessary. And so, we can help you put together such documents with our Formal Meeting Minutes Templates. With our easily editable materials, you can create your meeting notes in no time! And you can use any of several compatible applications to customize our samples, including Mac Pages and Google Docs. Go ahead and download now—quickly outline your formal meeting’s agendas, attendees, decisions, and more!

How to Make Formal Meeting Minutes

Whether it’s in a social club, law firm, or school campus, meeting minutes are integral to any professional meeting. Not only do they serve as handy review material, but they also act as official records (as The Balance points out in an article).

Are you unfamiliar with writing down meeting minutes for your important discussions? No problem, simply read through our tips just below.

1. Take Notes for Your Formal Meeting Minutes

To create your formal meeting minutes, you need some essential information. Before the meeting itself takes place, the host needs to assign someone suitable for writing notes during the discussion (which is usually a subordinate to the host). Preferably, the assigned member should use a laptop or other device for taking notes, but pen and paper still work just fine.

2. Prepare an Appropriate Layout for Your Formal Meeting Minutes

Once it’s time to make your formal meeting minutes, start by setting its general layout. For a professional document, use either A4 or US letter for its page size. After that, give your meeting minutes 1-inch margins along its borders.

3. Include Some Basic Information Regarding the Formal Meeting

At the top of your formal meeting minutes, enter a simple title in large bold text—like “School Board Meeting Minutes.” Below your title, write down the team/department, date, time, venue, and participants. Optionally, add the absentees and the writer as well.

4. Write Down the Primary Details in Your Formal Meeting Minutes

In your meeting minutes document, there are several key bits of information you need. Create separate lists containing the formal meeting’s agendas, main topics, and action plans. Keep each listed item short and concise.

Now you have a solid understanding of making effective minutes for any professional meeting! And don’t forget to download our Formal Meeting Minutes Templates for quick and easy document creation!

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