Every task a freelance worker has is bound by a deadline. Clients are always in need of people who can finish a task within a specific amount of time. Timelines are an effective tool for finishing tasks on time and you can create yours now with our Freelancer Timeline Templates! The templates fit your needs with its easily editable, original content, and artwork. Each template in this collection is finely made by our professionals who have researched before entering any single element. Have a more focused workflow by downloading our templates today. Subscribe now to get started!

How to Create a Freelance Timeline?

A freelance timeline is a tool that freelancers use to plot their tasks that they need to achieve within a certain period. Any freelance job has a deadline that freelancers need to meet and it shouldn't affect the quality of the work. Having a schedule set for each activity or task is useful. Whether you're a freelance writer, web developer, or a freelance graphic designer, read our tips below in making a freelance timeline.

1. Know Your Activity

You can't make a timeline without knowing what you will do in the upcoming days. Coordinate with your client to know your tasks. After getting information on your upcoming tasks, the scope of work, and the needed deliverables, log all the details on a note as to what you're going to do.

2. Allocate Time

Dedicate a certain amount of time in completing each task. You can take a look at your contract and see if your tasks and deadlines are specified in the said document. Make sure that you can achieve each task that you will plan.

3. Create an Illustration

Now that you have your information with you, it's time to create an illustration for your tasks. With timelines, you need to follow a certain flow. Create an infographic and connect each one with lines. You can make your timeline sheet on Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, or any other graphic design application.

4. Label Each Part

Label each part of your timeline with the name and description of the task, as well as its allotted time to be accomplished. Doing this will remind you of the deadline and apply better project management techniques in your freelance job.

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