If your hotel, spa, hospital, or office is currently looking for a capable receptionist, you need to have a clear and comprehensive job advertisement. Using our ready-made Front Desk Job Description Templates guarantees you can provide all the relevant qualifications and responsibilities of a front desk receptionist, clerk, or supervisor. These templates have professionally written content that you can easily edit and access using most versions of Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and most devices. No need to rack your brains on what to include in your job post with our templates; get them today!

How to Write a Front Desk Job Description

A job description is a summary of the required qualifications and responsibilities for a specific position. To hire a medical receptionist, office front desk officer, or other positions of the same nature, you need to write an engaging and inclusive job description. We have some useful tips you can refer to to complete this task.

1. Provide a Job Overview

Write a comprehensive job overview in one to four sentences. It should include the accurate job title, description of the position's primary required skills and competencies, main responsibilities, and the position's impact on the company.

2. Avoid Over-the-Top Descriptions

Avoid using descriptions such as “best of the best,” “rockstars,” or “world-class,” as it can intimidate some candidates. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, candidates who have been taught not to talk about their achievements are turned off by job ads with these superlatives since they are not used to categorizing themselves into a single set of abilities.

3. What's In It for Them?

Aside from stating what the company needs, emphasize what benefits the candidate gets from sending their resumes. Link the description of the role's responsibilities to individual growth and development. Aside from the benefits, perks, and workplace bonuses, it is best to highlight the working environment and culture, i.e., incorporating diversity and inclusion.

4. Include an Effective Call to Action

Creating a sense of urgency to fill the vacancy can be easily communicated through an effective call to action. You should encourage the candidate to submit a job application by stating how the company can help with skill development and connecting with industry stakeholders.

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