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What is a Fundraising Brochure?

For a nonprofit organization, a non-government organization (NGO), or a charity, making the world a better place is a priority. These organizations work hand-in-hand with the community for the betterment of animals, natures, and humanity. However, for them to achieve their goals in making a significant change, they need money to fund their charitable, compassionate, and selfless endeavors. For this reason, these organizations arrange a fundraising event or a fundraiser.

These events are made known through promotions using different media channels. One way to promote a fundraising campaign is to create a brochure which will appeal to the emotions of individuals that will encourage them to donate. A fundraising brochure is a foldable sheet of paper that contains photos and information about an organization. A creative brochure is an effective way to communicate to the people the goals of a certain fundraising campaign.

How to Create a Fundraising Brochure?

To increase the number of monetary donations your organization will receive, one should invest their time and effort in making a creative yet professional fundraising brochure. If you are assigned to do this particular task, we have listed five simple ways for a trouble-free brochure-making process.

1. Tell People About the Organization

The content of your brochure should include relevant information about your non-profit organization, NGO, or charity. In this part, you may include the organization’s vision and mission. Most importantly, educate the readers about your goals and the purpose of your fundraiser campaign. Remember to be concise in writing this information so that you won’t bore the readers.

2. Touch the Hearts of the Readers

The best fundraising brochure reaches to the reader on an emotional level. Connect to them by telling a story which will help elicit a favorable response from the target market. You may also incorporate statistics in your content. For example, if you are organizing a charity event for a scholarship program, you may include some information like the percentage of children in your country or city who are not in school.

Statistics show that 70% of the donations are from individuals while 16% are from foundations. Moreover, the remaining 14% of the donations are made through bequests and corporations. With these numbers, we can surmise that organizations should focus more on encouraging individuals to donate since they comprise the majority of the voluntary contributors.

3. Attach High-Quality Photos

One of the most effective ways to appeal to the emotions is by telling your story visually. Select the best photos which would help you tell a story and add them to your design. Make sure that you attach high-quality photos to make your modern brochure more compelling.

4. Include a Call to Action

It is not enough that you ask for help, you should also give the readers an idea on how they could reach out to you. Also, highlight how they can help make the world a better place through your organization. Moreover, don’t forget to include essential details such as contact details, website URL, social media accounts, and email address. If you are promoting a fundraising event, include the date, time, and venue of the said event.

5. Finalize the Look

Now that you have all the images and details on your brochure, the last step is to finalize your design. Take note of the colors and fonts you use and make sure that the design looks neat and visually pleasing. You may see and download our fundraising brochure templates for you to come up with more brilliant fundraising brochure ideas.

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