Whether you’re developing a pixelated indie title or writing the lore of a fantasy RPG, there’s a large amount of work and dedication that goes into creating a good video game. Of course, achieving this is much easier said than done, but organizing a proper workflow can make this easier to accomplish. As a means of contributing to your efforts, we’ve compiled a healthy selection of Ready-Made Gaming Flowchart Templates that you can easily edit in Apple Pages! Our professional templates are 100% customizable in A3, A4, and US letter sizes; easily editable and quickly made printable to save time and effort! Download now to help you focus on your game development projects!

How to Create a Gaming Flowchart in Apple Pages

It’s been estimated that the video-gaming market’s value has reached around 20 billion USD in the United States alone during 2019. Be it casually playing on a mobile device or passionately practicing for the Evo Championship Series, there’s no doubt that the video game industry plays a part in many people’s lives. However, it’s a highly competitive industry and being successful within it is no easy feat. That’s why we’re offering our Ready-Made Gaming Flowchart Templates as a means for you to get organized and plan out how to tackle development obstacles!

And, there’s no need to go searching for a suitable program to use on your Mac computer, as Apple Pages is just the right tool for editing our versatile templates! To find out what you need to do, read through our quick and easy guide just below.

1. Visit the App Store and Download Apple Pages

As someone who owns (or works with) a Mac desktop, you probably already have Apple Pages installed and ready to go. Otherwise, you need to head over to Apple’s online App Store to find it. When you’re at the site, simply download and then install Pages to your computer; the app is available for free, so you don’t need to worry about shelling out any cash!

What if you don’t have a Mac computer? Are you constantly on-the-go? Apple has you covered with Pages’ availability on iOS, allowing you to work on your iPad or iPhone.

2. Select Your Template of Choice

You won’t be short on useful documents with our array of flowchart templates to choose from! If you’re interested in one of our gaming-conformed flowchart designs (found on this page), click on the chosen template’s thumbnail and a new tab will open in your browser. On the new tab, you’ll find the template’s own page, where you can use the provided download button to save the template file to your computer or device. Once you click on the download button, a set of simple instructions will appear for you to follow before saving the file.

3. Run Apple Pages and Set up Your Flowchart

After deciding on an appropriate flowchart template and downloading it, open the file in Pages and rack your brain as you edit. Our customizable templates already come sporting well-made layouts for you to utilize, so you just need to rewrite the placeholder text as needed.

If the flowchart is meant for eyes other than your own, then you want to be sure that its content is easy to ready -- use an appropriate style and color for your font. Order the sequence of tasks and actions properly to ensure that they make sense in general logic and correlate with one another; keep things concise and quick to understand at a glance.

When working with a publisher or development team, it’s crucial that the hierarchy within is clearly defined for everyone. You’ll find our gaming organizational chart templates useful for this.

4. Save; Print If Needed

Don’t forget to save after finishing your flowchart. If you’re working with a team, then distribute the diagram to members; hand out printed copies and/or share it digitally. Make your interactive creation a reality with Apple Pages and our various document templates!

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