How To Make A Gender Reveal Invitation In Apple Pages

According to The Guardian, about 250 babies are born every minute. These numbers show how many couples are expecting a child each day. And if you're one of them, you probably know how exciting this is for the family. Now, all your friends and loved ones are dying to know the gender of the new addition to the family, so you have thought about having a baby reveal party to make the big announcement. Thus, you need to create an invitation to invite them over for the grand reveal.

You don't have to be a graphic artist to come up with a beautiful invitation. With the use of Apple Pages, a powerful word processor, you can create stunning documents with ease. So, if you're on Mac, follow our guide below on how you can create a stunning gender reveal invitation in Apple Pages.

1. Decide on a Shape and Size

There's no limit on how your invitation should look-like. So for the shape, make it unique. Among the shapes that you can incorporate to your invitation are tag, round, ticket, bracket, and scallop. Look for more inspiration online. As for the size, choose a size that matches with the amount of information and design elements you want to put on. Commonly used sizes for invitations are 4” x 6”, 4.25" x 6", and 5" x 7" inches.

To set the size of your document, click Document from the Document sidebar of Pages. Then, click the Paper Size drop-down and choose your desired paper size. You can also customize your own paper size.

2. Choose an interesting Theme

The theme you choose for both the party and your invitation should keep everyone guessing. Take advantage of the colors blue and pink. You can check out our Sample Invitation Templates for inspiration.

3. Unleash your Creativity

What you can do to your baby invitation is limitless. Don't hold back with the details. Incorporate design elements that you think matches the theme you're going for. For instance, you can use a duck as your determinant. To differentiate the girl duck from the boy duck, you can put a tie on the boy duck and a ribbon for the girl duck. Incorporating these on your invitation will surely excite your guests.

4. Add the Important Details

Put all the important details to your invitation to ensure that everyone will come. This includes the time and date of the event, the location, and the concept of the party. Detail any special request such as what type of clothes should they wear.

5. Proofread and Distribute

Finally, go over each detail and make some necessary changes. Once satisfied, save and print your elegant invitation. Put your printed invitations to an envelope and send it to their address instead of just sending it to them via email or social media. Send this at least one week before the party to build up their excitement. By sending it in advance, you'll also know who exactly can come, which is advantageous on your part.

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