What is a Gift Voucher?

A gift voucher is a piece of card or paper with a monetary value that a person will purchase at a shop to give it to someone as a Christmas, birthday, wedding, or Valentine’s gift. This type of gift card is usually spent on specific goods at a particular shop. Sometimes, a gift voucher is also called a money voucher, gift card, or a digital gift card.

How to Craft a Gift Voucher

how to craft a gift voucher

Because gift cards are easy to purchase and use, it is one of the most requested presents during the holidays. In fact, 60% of the consumers would prefer to receive a gift card than material things, and 90% of consumers in the United States purchase or receive a gift card annually. As an entrepreneur, you should consider creating a gift voucher for your business endeavors. Worry not, because, in this short guide, we will walk you through the gift voucher-making process.

1. Choose a Theme

The first thing you need to do in creating a gift voucher is to decide what the overall look of your gift card or gift voucher will be. You may consider designing a gift voucher that would mirror your business’ image to establish brand awareness and consistency. On the other hand, you may match the design of the card with the ongoing holiday celebration. If you are opening a fine dining restaurant and decided to hand out discount vouchers, you may opt for an elegant design.

2. Specify the Offer

Now that you have chosen a theme for the printable voucher, the next step is to specify its value. You have to indicate what particular products or services the user can avail in exchange of the money voucher. Would you offer a 50% discount on your spa and salon services? Or a free meal in your restaurant? Whatever your offer/s may be, make sure that the promises stated will be fulfilled.

3. Include Terms and Conditions

To avoid misunderstandings, you have to say the terms and conditions of the card clearly. You have to inform the bearer of the card that it is non-exchangeable with cash, it is not refundable, or lost cards won’t be replaced—stuff like that. It is recommended to print these details at the back of your card for the front portion to look neat.

4. Keep it Simple Yet Nice

The voucher should have not only an enticing offer but also a well-crafted design. A well-crafted design means that the text, images, fonts, and colors are carefully chosen and arranged in a logical manner. On this page, we have creative vouchers you can download or take inspiration from.

5. Save and Print

After you review the details and make the final touches to the design, save the file, and get it ready for printing. Make sure that you use a high-quality paper or cardstock to make it appear more elegant. With the rise of technology, you may opt for a digital gift card and email the gift card code to a specific address.

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