If letters have letterheads, emails have email signatures—both are beneficial for businesses like yours. Having an email signature templates will give you additional marketing opportunities and will help you establish brand awareness. If you’re looking for something that will help you build a strong corporate identity, we got your back! On this page are 100% customizable, high-quality, professionally crafted, and well-designed Gmail email templates to help you create the best email signature. You can instantly download these templates in HTML and Photoshop file formats. Plus, they are not just compatible with Gmail but also with Outlook, Yahoo, Android, MailChimp, and more! Great deal, right? What are you waiting for? Download now!

What is an Email Signature?

An email signature or sometimes referred to as email footer is a block of text attached at the lowermost portion of an electronic mail. It usually contains information such as name, company name, position, contact details, and website URL. An email signature is beneficial even to small businesses, since it open doors to opportunities and may establish business relationships or partnerships. Moreover, an email signature helps professionals connect to customers and reinforces brand awareness. In short, an email signature is your digital business card.

How to Apply a Gmail Email Signature

gmail email signature template

Gmail is an email service provider by Google which launched its limited beta version last 2004, up to this date, Gmail has approximately 1.5 billion users. Because of its user-friendly features, it has become a standard-bearer for emails for most companies.

If you’re using Gmail to send out business letters, provide information about your company by appending an simple email signature. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create one, following the simple steps provided below will help you accomplish the task.

1. Open Gmail

Of course, the first step in applying a Gmail email signature is to open the application on your computer. After signing in, click Settings from the menu—it can be found at the top right portion of the window. Next is go to General then select Signature, now you can add your signature text in the box.

2. Type Necessary Information

Gmail allows you to type up to ten thousand characters in your signature; however, you don’t have to make use of everything. Your sample email signature should not have more than ten lines. Make sure to include your name, title or position, company, phone numbers, and links to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Having your company’s tagline in your signature will also help you convey to the recipient what sets you apart from your competitors. Moreover, you can provide the recipient with more information about your company and the services it offers through attaching your company’s website URL.

3. Add Logo

The logo is the face of a company; it visually represents your brand and communicates corporate identity. Although it is not obligatory to include the company’s logo in your email signature, it helps the recipient recognize your company immediately.

4. Keep It Simple

Remember that less is more, so keep your email signature simple but not just a plain text. In customizing and selecting colors and fonts, keep in mind that it is a professional Gmail signature so you have to exhibit your professionalism as well. Also, you may want a modern email signature but it is not really necessary to be overly creative in making one, you can opt for a minimalistic design. See our Gmail HTML email signature templates.

5. Save

Now that you have customized your email signature, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. To be consistent with your company’s branding, it would greatly help if you create a standard email signature for the whole team—from the CEO to whoever sends a business email for the company.

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