In every journey that you take, it is given that you have a destination in mind. To reach this destination, you must have set goals that would guide you for your future. Get to come up with a creative document that would inspire you to reach goals by downloading our Goals Mind Map Template. You can make use of this template for business or personal consumption. Moreover, you can download, edit, and customize it in Apple Pages file format. So, let us be a part of your success and download our templates now!

How to Make a Goals Mind Map in Apple Pages

You would need to stay committed in order for you to achieve your life goals. As Albert Einstein quoted, ‘’If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.’’ But, there is an existing problem that most individuals face— lack of consistency. So, to aid you with it, here are are a bunch of tips that you can follow in making a goals mind map.

1. Know your Central Topic

One of the most essential tip in making your goals mind map is to know and understand your central topic. A mind map is made for you to be reminded and guided about a certain concept, so you need to embody the central topic. For example, if you wanted to make a family health goals mind map, know the deeper health goals that you need to achieve with your family.

2. Branch Out your Topic

Visually, a mind map is like a tree. With its central topic as the trunk, the main topics and sub-topics would be the branches. Branches are integral parts of a mind map. It must be complemented according to your project goal and central topic.

3. Expand with Sub-Branches

If the main topics and sub-topics are not enough for your mind map, you can expand it with sub-branches. It may sound confusing, but, it is rather simple. You have the central idea, then branched out with its main and subtopics, and would further be explained through sub-branches. They are connected together, making them one in a document.

4. Beautify your Mind Map

If beautifying your mind map would greatly help you to be reminded about your goals, feel free to do it. But remember, there are certain limits on it. Take note that you would need to complement the colors in the color chart based on their use. You can include cute images of what your goals would turn out to be. In that way, you would be inspired and driven.

5. Proofread It

To test its efficiency, you might want to proofread everything. Put yourself into the situation wherein you would want to reach your goals and assess the mind map. Does it inspire me to be consistent? Does it guide me to reach my school goals? After this analysis, you can use it.

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