Grade Teacher Job Description Templates

Optimize Your HIring and Recruitment for Your School! Post Grade Teacher Job Description Using Templates from! Select a Good Cohort of Elementary or History Teachers with Good Leadership Example, Student Rapport, and with Good Resume Objective! Browse through a Variety of Templates and Download the Sample Format That Suits Your Needs!See more

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  • The first step to hiring a grade school teacher is to make a job description appealing to applying to those who are looking for work in the field of education. If you are looking for a convenient way to make a job description then take a look at our Free Ready-Made Grade Teacher Job Description Templates now available in formats such as Pages, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, and Publisher. With its hassle-free features, you will be able to get the job done in no time at all! So download this now and get ready to receive those applicants for the teaching job.

    What is a Teacher Job Description?

    This particular kind of job description outlines the job responsibilities of a grade school teacher. It also includes other details like schedule and salary that comes with the job to set an applicant’s expectation. Finally, it includes the school’s contact information such as landline number, email address, physical address along with who to contact/approach should the applicant decide to try it out.

    How to Write a Teacher Job Description

    According to Statista, around 35 million people were employed in the education and health services industry, and these are the two industries that gained the most employees in 2019. In order to continue that trend, you will have to make your job descriptions appealing to teachers who are job hunting. To get started here are some tips you may follow.

    1. Give The Details

    When it comes to writing the job description for grade school teachers, it is important to keep it as detailed as possible. However, do not make it word heavy as well as it could potentially bore your readers and applicants. Keep the job responsibilities clear and concise. Present them in bulleted form to hold their attention. And make sure the choices of words are specific as well. Since there are several kinds of teachers, avoid just using the word teacher to prevent the wrong applicants from applying. For example, if you are looking for a grade school teacher who can teach math and science, then mention those keywords in the job description.

    2. Add the Hard and Soft Skills

    If you want to draw some of the best employees it will help if you include the technical and soft skills as a requirement in the job description as well. It will show school teachers who read it that you are setting a standard for every applicant and encourage those who have these skills to join in.

    3. Place the Requirements

    When making the job description, it is important to add the educational attainment and amount of experience required. Do this in order to set the bar for applicants as it is ideal to draw those who make the cut after all the best grade school teachers can give the best education for the students. Write down how many years of experience is required for the applicant and mention that those who have experience teaching in a classroom already is an advantage. Doing this also saves time as the human resource department doesn't have to spend time filtering through a lot of applicants.

    4. Proofread Your List

    After listing out your job description, take the time to check for any spelling errors, mistakes, and misinformation. Look at it this way, while you will certainly be turned off by the resume of an applicant filled with mistakes you will certainly turn off potential employees if the job description is written sloppily. Have another coworker check on the job description to see if it is written well. Once you are sure it is written correctly, you may post it and wait for those job applications to come your way!