How to Write a Grade Teacher Job Description in Google Docs

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a recession in the teaching profession has reached 110,000 in 2018 and could reach 200,000 in the teaching profession by 2025. Additionally, according to Statista, during 2018, enrollment to public and private elementary schools are generally higher. Imagine how in-demand an elementary teacher is right now. The decline of professional teachers can produce a detrimental effect on the education of the youth. It could significantly impact the quality of education. The natural response of principals to this decline would be to recruit more people to teach in their institution. To attract highly qualified candidates to apply for the grade teacher position in your institution, you will need a job description. The grade teacher job description will help job seekers identify if they are fit for the available position. Start creating the perfect grade teacher job description by following the pointers presented below.

1. Write the Appropriate Title for the Position

Hopeful applicants would want to know what they are getting into, and that is the purpose of the job title. The title will give the reader an idea of what the position is all about upon reading the document. So if you're looking to hire an elementary school teacher, substitute teacher, or teaching assistant, avoid writing long and unclear job titles and simply write it like that. The job title should always be written clearly. Nondescriptive and vague job titles can confuse applicants.

2. Outline the Duties and Responsibilities

Describing the duties and responsibilities of the said position can help hopeful applicants picture out the day at work. The duties and responsibilities need to be defined precisely. Avoid lengthy and complicated descriptions of the obligations. It needs to be easy to read and understand to attract highly qualified candidates. Writing the duties in numbers or bullet points makes it more skimmable for readers.

3. Specify the Requirements

For applicants to know they are qualified for the position, the job requirements need to be present on the document. The requirements need to include previous experiences, certifications, skills, and qualifications. Think very carefully about what you need. They should be appropriate for the particular grade teacher position. Just like the duties and responsibilities, it needs to be written in a list to keep it skimmable. Avoid including too many requirements on your job description since it can discourage the job seeker from applying.

4. Market the Job

Factors like working conditions, pay, lack of support, changing curriculum, and lack of autonomy causes the shortage of teachers in the industry. For that reason, you must market the position appropriately. You can specify the working conditions, perks, benefits, and compensations on the job description to compel job seekers to apply. Consider this as your sales pitch to job seekers to grab this great opportunity immediately. Give hopeful applicants more reason to send their resumes and take the available position. Make sure that you are not overselling the grade teacher position.

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