A graduation certificate is only given to any student who has successfully completed a course at any school or university. If you're a headmaster in a certain school either in elementary, preschool, or college, there's a need for you to produce a graduation certificate so you can validate the student's achievements. Lucky for you, we have our high-quality Graduation Certificate Templates that you can download in just one click. Our templates below are 100% customizable, editable, printable, and downloadable anytime you like. In addition to that, it is even accessible using any versions of Adobe Illustrator for your convenience. So, if you want to get that job in an instant, then hurry and subscribe to our templates today!

How to Create a Graduation Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

Nothing beats the joy of graduating, achieving your academic obligations, and moving on to another chapter of your life. Imagine, for so many years of hard work and sleepless nights; you could finally wear the cap and gown you've always dreamed of wearing. Speaking of which, has it ever crossed your mind why they let people wear a cap and gown for graduation? Well, according to Melody Coleman, a writer from The Daily Universe, the traditional gown and cap started in the 13th and 14th centuries, when universities began to form in Europe, and it also symbolizes two reasons: to identify the scholars and the religious status. Aside from cap and gown, certificates are also essential in every graduation ceremony, for it signifies the achievement of a student. Now, if you want to know how to make such, we can teach you how through our guidelines below.

1. Prepare the Key Information

Graduation certificates should always look neat and professional, for these certificates act as an aid upon landing on the target jobs of the students in the near future. There's no need for you to incorporate unnecessary details. Only state what is needed, such as the logo of the school, the student's name, the award-giving body, and the date and location where it was given. Other information, such as statement is rather optional.

2. Choose a Theme

In making a graduation certificate, you need to choose a theme by identifying who is your intended recipient. Is it for a toddler who recently completed his/her kindergarten? Or maybe for a bachelor graduate? You need to know who's your intended recipient because graduation certificates for toddlers are more fun and creative compared to graduation certificates for college who have a more formal approach.

3. Utilize our Ready-Made Templates

Graduation ceremonies are by far one of the busiest ceremonies they need to prepare for at any academic institution. Imagine, it's not easy to produce a certificate for every graduating student. That's why if you need help in making such, we can always help you through our professionally-designed Graduation Certificate Templates. As you look closely at our templates featured above, you will see that we have every sort of certificate templates that is perfect for your needs. Whether it's intended to a nursery school or to a university, we have our templates that can assist you. All you need to do is to choose the template that suits your preference, edit it afterward with the help of Adobe Illustrator, and you're done.

4. Don't Forget to Double-check your Output

Once you have successfully downloaded a template, you may show what you have written to a professional for feedback. Be open-minded. Adjust if there is anything that needs to be changed. Assess the final output to make sure the texts are readable, the style suits the design, and if the layout does not seem too crowded or incomplete. When done, you may now print the certificate and place it inside a certificate holder to retain its quality.

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