How To Create a Graduation Certificate in InDesign

Congratulations! We love seeing these words especially knowing that these words are for us and our achievements. We love to receive awards that truly belong to us, as well. However, this reaction didn't start in the workplace. No. It started when we first received our medal on preschool, while we did something good and got that A+ in elementary school, and throughout our high school, college, and university lives. Success has been our desire through all the years. For this reason, an excellent and exceptional Graduation Certificate is a must for a school to use as these types of certificates become more meaningful throughout the years. So, if you desire to create an exceptional graduation certificate some tips are available below for your convenience.

1. Start Blank

Well, you might have some ideas now. However, it's always best to empty one's cup before you start something new. A designer might have an idea of how a poster or a brochure should work but the best method to establish the material and make it exist is through following the desires of the customer or client. It is in starting blank that we can achieve more than what we thought possible. So empty yourself first, and listen to people or the teacher who required you to create that certificate. You may want to start with a blank sample first before creating something. Take time and listen.

2. Be Memorable

Remember to think of an aesthetically pleasing concept. These type of materials can capture the moment and makes them meaningful. So make sure your concept will become something memorable for the students in the long run. Incorporate graphic designs or poster designs if you can but be formal enough as these certificates are legal and legitimate documents that will be utilized for their future employment, business, and other ventures.

3. Entertain Possibilities

With that in mind, you should also entertain possibilities when it comes to the format or design of your certificate. Making a trifold brochure-type as a folder will also be an excellent material to make your certificate more memorable for the students. So explore possible things that you can include in your concept. Limit not yourself with what's you are used to, rather it's better if you try and expand your mindset with more ideas. You may also ask the students what they want as this gives them freedom and individuality when it comes to their memorable pieces.

4. Choose and Secure Design

With everything set, you may want to start creating a design. Creating designs can be dragging but make sure to do things slowly. Surely you will finish the design in the right way. You may also want to try and ask a freelance graphic designer to help you through creating the little things and details to use in the certificate if you are having a hard time creating. After finalizing the design secure them by creating envelopes or frames to put them in then you are all set. Go and make the best memories for the students!

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