What is a Graduation Invitation?

Simply put, it's an invitation card that you send to others when you want them to participate in an upcoming graduation ceremony or party. It'll help the invitee learn details such as whether the person graduating is moving on to high school or college, when and where exactly the event is going to take place and the identity of the individual who's deserving of a celebration.

How to Make a Graduation Invitation

how to make a graduation invitation

1. Think of the Design

Before you get started, you need to know what kind of design you should go for your graduation invitation. Do you want to go with something simple? Or maybe you want to go with one that has a bit more flair to it? If you're using a printable invitation template, then you can edit everything from the background to the text until you are satisfied with how it looks. Just make sure to take readability into consideration along with the design.

2. Consider Using a Proper Picture

When thinking about the design of the creative invitation, you should definitely consider using an image of the person that is about to graduate or has already graduated. Make sure that you choose one that is of high quality and that it's appropriate for sending to both friends and family. Also, the size of the picture should be just enough to emphasize who is graduating, but not to the point where there won't be any space left to place all other important graduation-related information.

3. Point Out Who Is Graduating

The individuals receiving the modern invitation will want to know whose graduation is being celebrated. So all you have to do is to write down the complete name of that person along with the class year that he or she is graduating from. With the help of appropriate typography design, you'll want the text that you'll be using for the name to be significantly larger than that of all the others to emphasize it.

4. Provide Information on the Event

First, you'll need to point out if the graduation ticket invitation is meant to invite the recipient to the graduation ceremony or to a graduation party. After that, you will have to provide all of the other important details that will tell the recipient where it's going to be held and when. Include the month, day, and year when writing down the date along with the exact time that the event starts. Also, be sure to provide the complete address of the venue so that the recipient will know exactly where to be at the desired time.

5. Include an RSVP Card

You'll want to know which of the invitees can make it to the event so that you'll know exactly how many people you need to prepare for. In your invitation, provide a section that will tell the recipients of the invitation who to contact when they're ready to provide their response. In this RSVP card or response letter, be sure to put in the complete name of the person they should communicate with along with their email address, phone number or other contact information.

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