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How to Create a Christmas Greeting Card in Apple Pages

A Christmas greeting card is a certain card that is sent to loved ones or to acquaintances in part of the celebration of Christmas. It is usually given during the preceding weeks of Christmas Day and the traditional greeting always comes with "Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!". It is used to express a sentimental value or contains a poem, Christmas lyrics, prayers, verses, and other special things that would generally convey a holiday season with delightful greetings. Creating a personalized Christmas greeting card for you to give for your loved ones and acquaintances is a good thing for them to feel special in the holiday season.

Creating a Christmas greeting card is not that hard as you think it is. There are a lot of greeting card templates for Christmas online that will help you guide throughout the process. By using Apple Pages, no need for you to hire a professional greeting card designer, instead you can create one on your own. We have provided you step-by-step instructions for you to be guided.

1. Choose a Christmas Greeting Card Design

You are given the right to choose whether or not to start from a blank scratch or simply download a Christmas greeting card design template to save all the hassle. If you decided to make a Christmas greeting card from a template, you can choose a variety of sample Christmas greeting cards above and pick the one that suits your preferences.

2. Improve Your Design Layouts

Open your Apple Pages and improve your editable card template's design layouts by making necessary modifications that would satisfy you. Make sure your design layouts would relate to the Christmas theme. For the color schemes, holiday greeting cards usually go with green and red. For the background and graphic images, you can add images of a snowman, the Holy Family, snowflakes, Christmas tree, stars, and more.

3. Prepare a Quote or a Saying for Captions

Captions are somehow the introduction of your Christmas greeting card. Other than the designs, the quote or the saying would attract the recipient easily by the time they receive the greeting card. Add a simple saying or a quote that will represent the greeting card more personal and sentimental.

4. Incorporate a Personalized Message

The most important gist of the Christmas greeting card is the personalized message that is mainly written by the sender. Personalized messages make the greeting card extra special. Make a special and sincere message that is intended for the recipient. You can simply greet a Merry Christmas or say thank you for some reason.

5. Select a Greeting Card Material and Print Your Design

If you are done with your holiday greeting card, the next thing to consider is to choose the right material that you want to use for your greeting card. Choose the specific cardboard stock that would present your design lively. Lastly, print your greeting card in a high-resolution printer that will create the exact copy of your design from your computer.