When an employee accepts the job offer, recruiting someone doesn't end; there are several hiring steps that need to be followed to locate the perfect candidate for the job and welcome him to the business. We recommend that you download our Hiring Checklist Template to help you get started. This has suggestive content that you can customize according to your preferences. We also made this compatible with different editing programs so that you can easily access it on either your PC or mobile device using any file formats you want. It is also available in A4 & US Letter Sizes. Download them now!

How to Make a Hiring Checklist?

Hiring checklist is a legal document that helps to recruit new employees during job hirings in every human resource department. Before he or she starts working for you as an employer, you need to begin assisting your new hire with the transition until they get used to how things are accomplished in your company.

A PDF hiring checklist enables executives and HR (Human Resource) to ensure that they cover all the measures needed to prepare, guide, and welcome new employees through the process of becoming part of a productive team. The following items listed below will guide you on how to make an effective hiring checklist. Examine and understand each step well. Here's how:

1. Create a Header

The very first step in creating a hiring checklist is to create a header. The header serves as an introduction to what is the checklist all about, what are the things that need to be done, and what to accomplish by the employee. If you are the employer, as much as possible, don't create a very long header. Make your thoughts on point. A maximum of 100 words will do.

2. State the Important Details

Now that you have already written a header for your hiring checklist, immediately categorize the details like the items that need to be considered, a checkbox, and the comments/suggestions or solutions of the hiring manager or the HR. You may write the following details in the form: employee's personnel file, orientation, training, employee's termination contract, payroll, interview questions, dress code, or the employee's uniform, etc. You may add other significant details if you like depending on the needs of your company.

3. Design the Checklist

Designing a hiring checklist doesn't need to be creative and attractive. It is a professional document used by the hiring agencies that is why you must create a simple design with readable fonts. If you want to save time creating a blank checklist, then you may choose and download templates here on our site. Downloading a premium template will prevent yourself from constructing complicated excel spreadsheets.

4. Proofread

After gathering all the information needed for your hiring checklist, don't forget to proofread every single word even the punctuations that were used. An effective checklist form is free from errors like grammar, spellings, and others. Double-check everything so that you can ensure that you listed all the items that must be check from your newly hired employee for the productivity of your company.

5. Print the Checklist

If you follow all the four steps mentioned above, then you can finally print your checklist form. You must print the form so that every time an individual will apply for employment in your business, you can easily check the items if he/she possessed the characteristics needed for you to hire him/her. In printing, don't forget to use high-quality paper for quality purposes.

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