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What Is a Holiday Flyer?

A holiday flyer is a piece of paper that contains information or a fact sheet about a certain establishment that is ideal for a holiday. It is distributed in public places, snail mail, or through email ads. It is a proven and tested marketing technique that has been used for years and years in the industry. They are an effective way of attracting people to your hotel or resort to spend their summer holiday, but it must be done correctly.

How to Make a Holiday Flyer

holiday flyer template

Although flyers are less dominant right now because of the digital era, they still play a vital role in many establishments like restaurants, schools, hotels, or resorts. In fact, holiday flyers can be digitally distributed but an actual flyer is better. When printing your simple flyers, you will need to create a flyer design that is impactful and inviting to drive the sales of your establishment. To make one, here are factors you need to consider when you make a holiday flyer.

1. Ensure Design and Text Eligibility

You are making a holiday flyer to endorse your establishment, so your text must be eligible and understandable. Make the text as visible as possible and do not overlay light text into photographs because it will make it more laborious to read. If possible, do not make your photos as background, and sort your texts and your photographs orderly. You can include borders in each section of the promotional flyer.

2. Highlight Key Pieces of information

Key information must be emphasized to help the holiday-goers to head to your hotel or resort. Consider visual hierarchy and display the information bigger so that it would stand out. This information includes your services, promos, location, rate, and call to actions such as "book now" or "visit it now." Other information you can include is your establishment's tagline or the infamous hashtags related to it.

3. Emphasize Holiday Promos You Offer

Who would not love discount coupons and promos for a holiday getaway? Plan for your getaway promos and indicate it in your holiday flyer. For instance, if they are a newly wedded couple, just present a proof of the marriage and they can get a free romantic dinner date at the balcony of your hotel, or if a family of five checked into your resort, the fifth member of the family will be free of charge.

4. Finalize and Proofread your Flyer

After following the latter steps, you can finalize your holiday flyer. Proofread your work. If you are not satisfied yet, let someone proofread it for you and let them point out typos or errors in design. This is crucial especially for printed modern flyers because mistakes can be expensive and irreparable.

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