What Is a Holiday Instagram Post?

A holiday Instagram post is any picture or video that someone shares during a holiday. Businesses can promote their products or services through Instagram posts during holidays. According to Instagram, around 60% of people say they find new products on their platform.

How to Create a Holiday Instagram Post?

Posting on holidays is a great time to flaunt your products or services while celebrating. Check out the basic tips below to help you create a beautiful holiday post!

1. Check Your Competitor's Posts

When it comes to ads, you can always check your competitor's post to better yours. You can review their holiday posts last year and check which ones were the best. Then, find inspirations from them and create your version without copying.

2. Use a Consistent Design

Want to be more familiar to your audience? Then, create a consistent design. Whether it's for your Valentine's fashion sale Instagram posts or others, make sure that you use consistent colors and designs on every post. You can use your company's signature colors and apply them.

3. Offer Discounts

Any holiday season is the best time to offer discounts. People love discounts because they want to save while having a good deal. So, highlight and give away your offer on your discount Instagram posts. Make sure that you highlight your discounts on every post.

4. Incorporate the Holiday's Decorations

Connect with the holiday by adding holiday symbols on your Travel Instagram post, for example. For Christmas, you can add its famous colors like red and green on your post. Associating the holiday's decors and symbols will add relevance and beauty to your post.

5. Write a Compelling Caption

Aside from your video or picture modern Instagram post, you should also focus on your caption. Create a unique caption that fits the holiday and suits your products or services. You may also use famous quotes if you want.

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