How to Create a 4th of July Templates in MS Publisher

Fourth of July is one of the biggest and important holidays in the United States of America. It commemorates the Declaration of Independence from the British colony, denoting the birth of the United States of America on July 4, 1776. A lot of Americans opt to mark the date with a special celebration. According to a 2017 survey conducted by Statista Research Development, 65.5 percent of Americans celebrate Independence Day with a cookout, a barbecue, or a picnic. Are you one of the patriotic Americans who celebrate the Fourth of July? If yes, a greeting card or an invitation card is a must-have for you to invite friends and relatives to celebrate with you. Here, we present useful tips on how to create a Fourth of July Templates- be it an invitation or a greeting card.

1. Decide on a Visual Theme

Like any other material like flyer and poster, invitation and greeting cards must have a proper visual theme. In choosing a visual idea, always remember that it affects the entire appearance of the card. Searching for a suitable style for invitations can be confusing. You may do some research to help you give a specific idea of what visual theme fits your needs. Since you are to create a Fourth of July invitation, looking for the right visual theme can be easy. Opt to use patriotic symbols of America like the statue of liberty, bald eagle, American Flag, fireworks, the great seal of the U.S. For colors; you can use red, white, and blue.

2. Select a Card Size

Next, select a card size. You need to identify the card's dimensions before you write the content. Card sizes vary. So, choose the size that fits the length of your invitation wording. The standard invitation size is 5 inches by 7 inches. Anyway, you have the freedom to select the size. Just make sure it is appropriate to the length and amount of wording and designs.

3. Draft a Content and Provide Essential Details

When writing the content for your invitation card, make it brief. It should provide an answer to the what, where, when, and other necessary details of your party or gathering. Have a friendly, nationalistic, and exciting tone. Reflect it on the way you select the font style. Just like a party flyer, create a catchy headline! Or, a brief history and a quote.

4. Balance your Wording with Designs

Designs are known to be one of the essential elements of any material. In fact, it covers more than 50 percent of the invitation card. The reason is that designs also convey a message. For example, in Patriot's Day invitation poster. Express how patriotic, casual, or serious your event theme will be through the design elements you will be using. Take note; it is vital to have the right images, colors, typography, etc. to convey a clear and meaningful message.

5. Download an Editable Template

Want to make things hassle-free? Opt to download editable and printable Fourth of July templates. Check out this website for more samples. Customize and edit some details to fit your needs. Use MS Publisher. It's a user-friendly application software that provides a comfortable environment that you can use to modify your template.

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