How to Make a Cyber Monday Templates in Apple Pages

A Cyber Monday is an American marketing term that is created by retailers to encourage and persuade people to shop online with huge sales discounts. Cyber Monday usually starts a Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It is composed of a lot of technology companies by putting their electronics on best offers and give the public some sales discounts. The sales of a Cyber Monday usually extend beyond the electronics of retail. What's good about this Cyber Monday is that there is no need for you to line up for hours because you can simply shop on your pajamas and order online. Cyber Monday even surpasses the Black Friday sales. As mention in the, 77% of online retailers said that their sales increased remarkably on the Monday after Thanksgiving which is a trend that is making online discounts and promotions from the Cyber Monday.

Are you promoting your business for the Cyber Monday event? If so, you can simply create some promotional giveaways such as flyers, posters, cards, brochures, banners, and more. Just open your Apple Pages software application and you can directly start by relying on the following tips that we have provided for an aspiring businessman like you.

1. Define Your Purpose of Making Promotional Giveaways

The first thing to do in making your promotional giveaways is to define your main purpose in achieving these items. Your purpose must be reliable from these questions: Are you trying to attract your customers? Are you aiming for the brand? Or are you trying to showcase your business by giving gifts? Whatever your reasons will be, you need to have a purpose to achieve. In that way, you can finally think of giveaway items you want to give such as posters, t-shirts, mugs, and so on.

2. Do Some Research About Your Competitors

Cyber Monday is a very big competition against other companies. What you must do is to have some research about your competitors and see what they are offering to the customers. List down the following good and bad things about your competitor's promotional giveaways and make yours better. Take for example if your competitors are trying to make an elegant sale flyer, you have to make sure that you are doing a lot better than what they have.

3. Seek for a Feedback

In this step, you have to evaluate your target customers with the promotional giveaways they wanted to receive. You can use some email newsletters and interview them by using live chat support. Feedbacks will help you to bring out the honest responses and you can easily change your promotional giveaways if necessary. After having the feedbacks, it will be easy for you to determine the giveaway items that they want.

4. Use the Giveaway Items as a Gift

These promotional giveaways will serve as your gift for your business promotion so pick the special offers that would make as a suitable gift. Since Cyber Monday usually happens after Thanksgiving day, you can simply make your promotional giveaways as holiday gift items. This gift will also serve as your marketing invitation to your offer sales. You have to make sure that these promotional giveaways must define your brand as well such as including the name or the logo of your company into the promotional giveaways.

5. Distribute Your Promotional Giveaways

For you to evaluate your promotional giveaways once again, distribute them to your employees first. This will help you get some new feedback and you will be able to determine the ways on how to improve them. You can also post your promotional giveaways on social media or any other online platforms so you can easily check the feedbacks. If your promotional giveaways have positive feedbacks, you can finally distribute them to your target market.

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