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How to Make a Cyber Monday Templates in Microsoft Publisher

A Cyber Monday, also known as the Black Monday, is a marketing event that happens on a Monday after Thanksgiving. The same with the Black Friday, Cyber Monday also offer huge sales discount, best offers exclusives, and gadget special offers on this day. According to muchneeded.com, 90% of shoppers cite the lowest prices as the deciding factors in the purchases. This event is mainly created by retailers to encourage target consumers to shop online. Cyber Monday is considered as the biggest online shopping day of the year. Like Black Friday, the retailers would spend a lot of time and effort to come up with huge sales, aggressive competition, and marketing strategies to persuade the target consumers to shop online.

Retailers make their promotions and sales before the actual day. The competition between the different retailers is very intense that they must effectively promote their products and convince their consumers in the most mesmerizing way. If you are aiming to promote your brand on Cyber Monday, you must make your promotional items special by using Microsoft Publisher. For you to be guided, here are the following tips.

1. Elaborate Your Main Purpose

In the marketing business, one of the objectives would always be about the target consumers. The purpose will always answer with who, what, why, where, when, and how. Whatever purpose you are intending to attain, think of the following promotional items you would want to present to your target consumers like t-shirts, gift cards, Cyber Monday posters, mugs, keychains, and more.

2. Investigate Your Competitors

As mentioned earlier, the competition between the different retailers is very intense. For you to overlap the strategies of your competitor, investigate their approaches and check what they are offering to the consumers. Enumerate the positive and negative outcomes of their approaches so you can improve your items better. For instance, your competitors are trying to promote their products through an invitation card with stock illustrations, you can also make a better version than what they have.

3. Design Your Promotional Items

This step is one of the most exciting parts of making your promotional items. Design your items based on the Cyber Monday themes by using Microsoft Publisher. If you wish to make a banner, you can make use of a banner template and if you want to make a poster template, then you can also make use of a poster template. Other than those items, you can also design a sales flyer template, tag template, or a badge. Customize your designs in a very attractive and creative way. Also, do not forget to incorporate your branding elements like logo, tag lines, company name, or color schemes.

4. Ask for Some Comments

Product reviews are important in online marketing because it will help your brand build a relationship with the consumers. It will help you assess your products against the other competitors. You can simply post these promotional items on social media sites and ask for some comments about your prepared promotional items then list down the positive and negative comments. You can use these feedbacks for you to improve your items better.

5. Use The Promotional Items as Gifts

Since Cyber Monday is somehow dated on the first week of the holiday season, consider your items as advance gifts for the holiday. In that way, your target consumers will likely appreciate your brand. Give these promotional items for free and your target consumers will gain your trust in return.

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