What is a Flyer?

A flyer, or a pamphlet, is a commercial paper advertisement that is used for a wide distribution of an event in a public or social space. It is similar to a poster that both are used for promotions. However, a flyer is a miniature version of a poster and flyers act as an invitation letter. A poster is placed on walls while a flyer is handed out. Flyers are great for events like the Islamic religious festival called Eid Al Fitr. According to state.gov, the festival is a culmination of fasting, donating to charity, sharing meals, and improving oneself after Ramadan. Create your flyer with our promotional templates now, and get your event out there!

How to Make Eid ul-Fitr Holiday Templates in Publisher

1. Choose a Template

Start off the process by choosing an event flyer template since it is the perfect format for your event. Select one design that is like a greeting card. One look at your flyer and your viewer may instantly feel that they are invited and will surely go. Your flyer must entice, invite, and greet any viewer. The presentation must be pleasing and not irritating to look at. Focus also on what colors will represent the festival. Choose colors that make people think about a feast or colors that conjure an image of finishing the one-month fasting without breaking the rules.

2. Create or Add Images

They say photos are very stimulating to the eyes. Another way to reel anyone toward your flyer is an image. Add images about the event to your flyer to make it believable. Images also help viewers picture out what the event will be like and what activities will there be in store. You may add an image of an iftar party to suggest that there's food at the event or an image of an open house to suggest that anyone can enter the festival. Do not add a lot of images for it might clash with your background. Take a look at our marketing flyer templates as your guide on how to add images.

3. Type In Your Message

The main goal of any flyer is the message that needs to be relayed to the public. Forge your message as simple and as short as possible like an invitation card. It must be short but contains all the details needed to promote your event. You may also add a short quote to start off your message.

4. Customize Your Flyer

Try playing with the fonts and the background colors. Use a font style and a color that matches your event. Remember, do not let your background be the main feature of the flyer. The main focus should be the message and the photos. Make your background color dimmer than your photos or your font colors. Try to view our event flyer templates on how to handle backgrounds.

5. Distribute Your Flyers

Once everything is finished, print your flyers or post them on any social media. Get them out there! Let them fly into the hands of the public!

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