In recognition of the maritime industry, National Maritime Day is celebrated annually on May 22nd. If you want to enjoy the essence of this grand celebration, planning and inviting guests and visitors to attend are crucial components in any event. Moreover, you'll need strategic marketing tools tailored to garner attention for that specific event. Good thing for you, we can help you out. Choose from our National Maritime Day Templates available in Adobe Photoshop. We have many promotional instruments from flyers, posters, banners, and other holiday templates. Most notably, our templates are editable, printable, and 100% customizable, and best of all, it's for free. So do not miss this opportunity and download our templates now. 

How to Develop a National Maritime Day Template in Adobe Photoshop?

Before we construct our National Maritime Day Template, we need to understand the essence of the memorial day itself. National Maritime Day is a holiday to where we give tribute to merchant mariners and the maritime industry's contribution to everyone residing in the country. The national day happens every May 22nd of every year. According to the Maritime Administration (MARAD), back in 1933, Congress declared National Maritime Day to honor the Savannah Voyage and their remarkable expedition from the United States to England. This memorable event marked the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean a successful one with the use of steam propulsion. During this day, we want to show our appreciation for those individuals. So the only way we can do that is by making creative flyers, banner posters, and invitations to get everyone involved. Fortunately, we have a list of detailed steps below to help you out.

1. Plan Out Your Event

In any special occasion, be it Independence Day or Veteran's Day. Extensive planning is essential to make sure things transpire properly during the actuality of the event. This process is to ensure that all the planned activities flow smoothly with audience participation at its strongest.

2. Choose Relative Images and Designs

Since you're going for a maritime theme kind of event, choose images that go in accordance with the happy occasion. This step is pretty much up to you since the encompassing theme is quite self-explanatory and everyone has their aesthetics. The psychology of images portray a thousand meanings, so make sure to include symbolic underpinnings as well. Moreover, pick complementary designs that complement the pictures well.

3. Select a National Maritime Day Template

In this part of the written tutorial, it is now time to choose a National Maritime Day Template. You can choose from vector flyer templates, banner templates, poster templates, and other related templates. Designing one for yourself is also an option, but if you don't have the time to do so, then go ahead and choose from the internet.

4. Open Photoshop and Add Content

After deciding upon a suitable professional invitation template, go ahead and open Photoshop. Photoshop is a photo editing software with numerous effects and features that you utilize to create magnificent and crafty photos for almost anything. If you aren't adept in the software, then there are many helpful tutorials to guide you. Once you've gotten familiar with the software, go ahead and place all your contents on your blank PSD template.

5. Design the Template

When you're done importing all your photos on your invitation template, design your template. Be sure to use blending color palettes, stylish fonts and texts, graphic symbols, and other creative features you can find in Adobe Photoshop.

6. Finalize and Print It Out

Once you've finished editing your print template, go ahead and make the necessary adjustments and arrange all designs, graphics, artworks, and images in its proper order. If you're satisfied with the output, then print out hard copies for mass distribution. If not, then edit until contented.

7. Share on Social Media

In today's technological generation, social media has become more prevalent in terms of mass communication between people of diverse cultures and beliefs. With over 7.7 billion people in the world's population and over 3.499 billion people who are active social media users, you can see the utmost importance of networking. If you want to garner more attention, then share your event template on social networking sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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