What Is a Nurses Day Flyer?

A flyer is the marketing tool that many companies and organizations use to inform people about their promos and events. It is presented through a small sheet of paper with a visual representation of your products, services, or events that you aim to advertise to the public. They can be handed out in the streets, inserted in the pages of a magazine, or through email. A nurses day flyer is used to show appreciate towards nurses on that particular day.

How to Make a Nurses Day Flyer in Microsoft Word

Flyers, like brochures, are one of the oldest tools used to bring in customers to your business. The process can be both fun and challenging which is why people would opt to download templates instead. It's much easier to customize. However, if you're willing to make one yourself using Microsoft Word then you can follow the tips below to try and have a go at it.

1. Know What You're Celebrating

It's necessary for you to have at least some background knowledge of what you're going to make. So you will need to look into the history of the international day known as nurses day. It is a day that celebrates the contributions of nurses to society. The date for nurses day coincides with Florence Nightingale for founding modern nursing. It recognizes the hard work and efforts that nurses from around the world give.

2. The Flyer Content

For your flyer, you're going to be promoting the celebration of nurses day. So what you'll have to put into your flyer is the date (May 12), the venue, the activity, and the time the activity starts and ends. Have a call to action like "Join us in honor and celebration of our nurses hard work" or something of the sort.

3. Draft and Layout

The first thing we'll be doing is creating a series of rough drafts. Having about three to five drafts would be ideal as it helps you narrow down your options. The focus of the rough draft is to prepare the layout for your flyer. So as you make your draft, mark the spaces to identify where you will be attaching the pictures and where your text will be placed.

4. Design the Flyer

The next step is where you can show your creativity. Taking the draft and layout you've chosen, you can begin filling in the design of your flyer. Most nurses day flyers, or any medical related flyers for the matter, use a color palette of white, blue, and/or teal. Others can use green but it would vary on your hospital. As for your images, you can use stock photos that feature either an individual nurse or a group of them. An alternative to these images can be vector illustrations, which is most often used in modern flyers. Your font will have to vary in size and style. You can select a particular font for the header and a different one for the content.

5. Review and Print

When you complete your design, it's important to scan for any errors. Change any mistakes you find or any misalignment. When you finish, proofread for any mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. When you finish, you can save your file and have it ready for printing.

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