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How to Make Pentecost Templates in Adobe Photoshop

For Christians, Pentecost is defined as a religious holiday in which the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus is being commemorated. On the other terms, Pentecost is believed to be the day when the church was started and born. Churches use a liturgical color of red to signify the Pentecost as a symbol of power and fire or flame of the Holy Spirit. The Christian holy day of Pentecost is celebrated fifty (50) days after Easter Sunday. Since the Pentecost depends on the day of the Easter Sunday, it is considered a movable feast. Pentecost is mainly based on the New Testament book which is the Acts of Apostles (Acts 2:1-31).

Pentecost is celebrated differently by many countries. If you are hosting a Pentecost celebration and you want to encourage the devotees to join the event, you can make use of your Adobe Photoshop application and create effective promotional materials to inform them. Here are the following tips for you to be guided.

1. Outline Your Plan

First of all, you have to outline your plan in creating promotional materials that will help you in setting and achieving your goals. Are you trying to invite people over an event? Are you promoting a sale? Whatever goal you are trying to accomplish, you must have a good idea of what you are actually trying to do. Outlining your plan will also help you with the specific promotional material that you are going to make, whether you are going to make a revival poster, Pentecost e-mail newsletter, quote, and so on.

2. Know Your Target Personas

For the second step, it is important to know your target personas by knowing who they are and what are their spiritual motivations. These ideas will help you throughout your advertisement strategy. Understand your audience as much as possible and perform a simple segmentation.

3. Make Use of a Template

If you want to finish the task immediately, it is highly suggested to use some Pentecost flame templates for you to customize. Depending on your purpose, you can download some Pentecost flyer template, a Pentecost Blog template, a Pentecost Sunday invitation template, and so much more to mention.

4. Create Your Content

For the fourth step, you can now start creating your content inline with the Pentecost theme in Adobe Photoshop. Modify the template with a cross background together with some candle flame to show the symbol of the Holy Spirit. You can also add some animated images or any other illustrations that show worship. Other than supplying the design elements, do not forget to include the necessary details that you might want to inform the devotees. Create some relevant messages that are appealing to them. If you're done, finalize your content.

5. Promote and Execute

For the last step, it is time for you to promote and execute your advertisement. You can use any kind of advertising tactics such as posting on social media networks, e-mail newsletters, public relations, posting on certain areas, and more.

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