With so many lives in their hands, hospitals should have a clear process in carrying out their medical services. From the emergency department to the admission unit, hospitals need a well-defined flowchart. Our wide array of Ready-Made Hospital Flowchart Templates will be your best model to create a readable hospital flowchart. Get your template in Word, Pages, PDF, Microsoft Publisher, and Google Docs. If you’re worried that you don’t have access to a PC right now, then we’re glad to let you know that our templates are compatible with different devices. Choose a template now and improve your hospital’s queuing system!

What Is a Hospital Flowchart?

A hospital flowchart is a tool to use in managing various units of a hospital which include the pharmacy, emergency room, admission unit, and others. It’s a diagram that shows how the medical services are delivered or how communication is relayed from one medical personnel to another.

How to Create a Hospital Flowchart

As of this writing, the number of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) infected individuals have already surpassed the 200,000 mark. In times of health crisis like this, it’s critical to have clear and solid communication with all the medical staff.

We’re one with you in fighting every health crisis. To help you, we have consolidated the following important tips to create an effective hospital flowchart.

1. Open a Blank Sheet in Your Chosen Application

Choose the platform you want to use to create your hospital management flowchart. Make sure that you have enough knowledge to navigate that application for a smooth process. There is a wide array of user-friendly apps available out there so you’re good.

2. Start by Adding Shapes

Choose what shapes you want to use for your communication flowchart. Make sure to choose shapes that are easy on the eyes and readable.

3. Gradually Insert Texts

After you decide on the shapes, the next thing to do is insert texts to the different shapes. It should not be overloaded with texts, so limit it. That way you can be sure that your hospital workflow flowchart is presentable.

4. Draw Lines

Draw lines between the shapes that you’ve inserted with texts. It’s time to connect the dots. Make a connection between the given information. If it’s a hierarchy flowchart of the medical staff, then arrange them according to their role.

5. Adjust the Elements

If you see something that needs to be adjusted, do it while you still haven’t shared your printable flowchart a copy yet.

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