How to Create a Hospital Flowchart in Docs

In 2016, it was stated that one of the leading causes of deaths in the US was mistakes in healthcare practices. So, when it comes to working in the medical field, a good degree of gravity and caution should be carried out. Our Ready-Made Hospital Flowchart Templates are provided as an effective means to assist you.

We understand that being a member of a hospital workforce is demanding and time-consuming. Putting together a flowchart can seem inconvenient for your already-busy schedule, which is why Google Docs is a perfect fit for editing our templates. Have a read through our short guide below to get your flowchart ready in no time.

1. Register for a Google Account

These days, many people in contemporary societies already have a Google account. But, if you’re still without one, you can simply visit and sign up for free. Once that’s done, you’ll immediately have access to Google Docs (and other useful tools offered by Google).

While still at, click the 3x3 grid in the upper-right corner of the page and choose the “Docs” icon (a blue document sheet) in the expanded window. No need for any installation process since the app works right in your browser (along with a working internet connection). If you don’t have immediate access to a desktop computer, you can still use your Android or iOS device to work on your template since Docs is also available on mobile platforms.

2. Pick Out a Fitting Template

In our collection of flowchart templates, there’s a diverse lineup that you can choose from. After you’ve chosen a suitable hospital flowchart (from this page), click on the large download button on the desired template’s page; a set of quick and simple steps will appear for you to follow before you can save the file onto your computer or device.

The template page also contains a “Template Details” section if you’d like to know more regarding the file (size, format, etc). There’s also a series of preview shots on the far-left side that you can zoom in on.

3. Edit Your File in Google Docs

Were you able to successfully save your template file? Next is to open it up in Google Docs.

Customize the template as you work out how to assemble your flowchart. Simply replace the placeholder text with the relevant content. While drafting, an appropriate mix of font style and font color should be considered for ideal readability. Google Docs is able to save your changes automatically as you work, so there’s no need to worry about losing your progress.

A pharmacy is a common department found within a hospital. So, to further improve the work quality of medical staff, consider the use of a pharma flowchart.

4. Print And/or Distribute as Needed

After you finish composing the flowchart, print out as many copies as you need; hand them out to relevant staff members and post them on staff noticeboards. Your flowchart can also be emailed to other workers if need be.

Maintain optimal workflow with Microsoft Word and our customizable document templates.

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