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How To Create a Hotel Flow Chart in Pages

What is a Flow chart? How does a flow chart help a hotel management function properly? Those questions are quite confusing to those people who only go to hotels to experience the luxury and services that a hotel offers. But if you are one of the staff of a hotel, then you might be thinking right now about how your hotel is managing everything with all the clients and customers who go in and out of the hotel every day. The answer to those questions is quite simple. Hotel management are using a flow chart to have a step-by-step process on their everyday tasks that range from booking customers to checking them in, managing their communication workflow, internal communication process, and sale invoice process. 

These things happen every day, and every staff of a hotel would experience different problems, and to deal with it, a hotel needs a flow chart to formulate a solution. That is why if you want to create a flow chart that would adequately structure and manage your hotel, then you have to check out the tips that we have listed below.

1. Determine The Type of Flow Chart

Making a flow chart is not that difficult if you know where to start. So before doing anything, you have to determine what kind of flow chart are you going to do. You can start with a  Blank Chart and outline the areas that need to be worked on depending on your subject or problem that you need to address.  

2. Choose The Right Template

After determining the type of flow chart and type of problem or process that needs to be discussed in your hotel, then you can now start to choose the appropriate template that will match your subject or topic. Afterward, you can edit whether to add or omit the boxes that are already on the template. 

3. Have a Thorough Research

Before putting details or information on your allotted boxes, you have to have thorough research first on the problem or process that you have to fix. You need to research or collaborate with your co-staff about the resources that you have to consider to improve your company's operation. Determine and list every possible solution to your existing problem and then make a conclusion.

4. Note It Down

After your thorough research, you can start putting every piece of information that you think helps solve the problem your hotel is experiencing. You have to classify every piece of information that you have on hand and put it on the boxes accordingly. After noting it down on your Sheet Template, then you can start saving your work.

5. Edit and Print

After saving your work, start proofreading your work to your co-workers and staff, and if there are areas that need to be edited out, then do so. Afterward, print your work and give a presentation about your suggestions on how you can help improve your hotel organization structure.