How to Make a Hotel Manager Job Description in Google Docs

According to the website, Salary, the average annual income of a hotel manager is about $109,242 for the year 2020. Considering the number of tasks a hotel manager must execute, getting paid this huge is just the tip of the iceberg. As a hotel owner or hiring manager, you'll need someone who can maintain the atmosphere and organization of your hotel. Your job description should describe the traits that you need in a hotel manager.

Read some tips below so you can make a great hotel manager job description.

1. Make a List of Requirements

When you're tasked to recruit new talents, remember to think about what kind of manager you want in your team. From there, create a list of qualifications and skills a hotel manager should have. Make sure it fits the job itself in general.

2. Be Clear and Concise

Writing a job description can be a little tricky. You can get carried away with writing a lot on one page. Write in simple words and avoid difficult-to-understand jargon. Make your writing easy to comprehend to whoever reads it.

3. Include Perks

A job description isn't complete without a list of perks. Write the benefits applicants can get when they join the company. These include health and leave credits, insurance, free lunch on scheduled days, and more. These benefits can motivate them to send in their resumes for your assessment later on.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Make the applicants feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This can be through a deadline, a convincing Call to Action (CTA), or extra benefits for the first few applicants. Don't forget to write a few sentences to convince them of joining your team. This should be the final phase of your recruitment plan.

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