What is a House Real Estate Brochure?

A house real estate brochure is a folded informative paper document used by real estate agents in selling houses. Real estate is a competitive business, so agents have to utilize a marketing tool that is competitive, at the same time convenient to pick-up and to carry. A house real estate brochure can be distributed in many different ways: as news paper inserts, placed in a brochure racks in crowded locations, or it can be handed out personally.

How to Make a House Real Estate Brochure

According to Izabelle Hundrev in her "60+ Must-Read Real Estate Statistics for 2019," around 673, 000 houses had been sold already in the United States as of April 2019 which is 12.4% more than last year. Based on the aforementioned statistics, real estate business is booming, thereby making the competition even tougher. An agent does not only need his or her skills in convincing prospective clients to buy a condo unit, an apartment, or a house in subdivision, they need tools to prove the legitimacy of the property they're selling—they need to have professional quality brochures. Here are a few tips that you can follow in making an effective house real estate brochure.

1. Use our Pro Real Estate Brochure

You can use our premium templates if you want to fully accomplish a professional quality brochure. Our templates are written by professional writers and are made by our skilled graphic designers. The advantage of using our fully-furnished templates is you don't need to start from scratch. All you have to do is to replace necessary parts with your information and you're done. However, if you opt to make everything by yourself, you have to choose a software program where you can layout your brochure. You can surf the Internet to look for appropriate brochure designs and themes. Sounds hard right? If I were you, I would rather download a template from Template.net.

2. Make an Enticing Copy

Do not just simply state what you are offering, rather, strive to be creative in showing the reader what a great deal you are offering. The purpose of a sample brochure is showing, not telling. Anyway, let the agents do the telling. Make sure to include fun facts and testimonials in your ad copy. By doing so, you are not just adding a flavor to your brochure, but also making it strong and effective. Emphasize the type of property that you are selling—whether it is a modern house sale, apartment sale, condo sale, or flat sale. Also include the size of the property and its features.

3. Insert Relevant Images and Illustrations

Since your goal is showing, make sure to insert legitimate photos of the property that you are selling. Avoid using photos that are not relevant to the property because it may give false hope to the clients, which can eventually ruin the real estate company's reputation. In addition, put your company's logo to your brochure so it will look more professional.

4. Add call to Action

A good marketing tool must always encourage action. Placing a command statements or an action phrase would be significant. In order to make your call of action more effective, you must include your contact details—name, address, contact number, and email address.

5. Proofread and Print

Always check your brochure if it has grammatical errors and misspelled words. Never produce a marketing tool that has visible mistakes because your clients might notice it and your credibility might be questioned. Be keen. You can ask an editor to check it if you are not confident enough with. In printing, use laser printers and glossy or any high quality paper so your brochure would look more presentable.

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