Cleanliness is one of the biggest factors that individuals, in general, look into when they try to find comfort in indoor spaces. In fact, businesses like hotels and nursing homes are very particular about their facilities’ sanitation and tidiness. Make your working environment cleaner than ever. Start by advertising your need for housekeeping personnel. With our Housekeeping Job Description Templates, you can do so without any hassle. They are professionally written, easily editable and printable in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. Simply subscribe to our plan right away to get unlimited access to all of them! What are you still waiting for? Subscribe now!

What Is a Housekeeping Job Description?

A housekeeping job description is a document that promotes an organization’s demand for housekeeping professionals. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), such a profession’s responsibility is not limited to a working environment’s cleanliness, and that the job also entails hazard management. In line with that fact, a job description’s function is to help job seekers understand any housekeeping vacancy and the duties that come with it.

How To Write a Housekeeping Job Description

Usually, it is the human resources department that creates job descriptions for companies. However, it is the executive housekeeper or housekeeping manager who gives clearance or approves housekeeping applicants. Regardless of whether you work for your company’s HR department or you work as a housekeeping manager, making your job description document clear and concise is a must. Don’t get pressured because we provide you with a list of guidelines and apprehension below for you to begin with.

1. Identify Job Vacancy

In the organizational chart of the housekeeping department, you will see that there are a lot of positions. Before you write your company’s job description, it is important to determine what specific slot is available for new employees. This is to avoid hiring applicants who possess unsuitable skills.

2. Sum Up the Job Roles

Once the job position is identified and instilled, your next move is to summarize its role. In this step, you may have to conduct brief research about your company’s employment specifications, procedures, as well as about the general terms of your vacant housekeeping jobs.

3. Enumerate the Duties and Responsibilities

Job descriptions also act as a reference for job hunters. With that being said, you have to give these job seekers the itemized duties and responsibilities for them to review their qualities.

4. Write Down the Job Qualifications

Just like the previous step, you also have to make a list of your prescribed qualifications. These may include the attributes or characteristics that you are looking for in a housekeeping officer.

5. List the Requirements

For a smoother onboarding process, you have to help job applicants be prepared with all the essential documents like cover letters, resumes or curriculum vitae, and other supplements like certificates and portfolios. Do so enumerating those prerequisites in your job description document.

6. Promote the Job Benefits

One way of successfully marketing your job vacancy is to incorporate the benefits that come with it. Therefore, you have to include them if you want to make your job description effective.

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