How to Make an HR Agreement in Google Docs?

Responsible for all the aspects related to the employees, from hiring to termination, the HR department must put all the agreement into writing. Hence, the human resource personnel must know how to make all sorts of HR agreement. In order to help you get your job done with ease, here are the simple steps that you can follow:

1. Write the Date

In order to establish the effectivity date of the agreement, you must clearly write the date of the issuance of the agreement.

2. Mention the Parties Involved

List the parties involved in the agreement. You can mention the individual's name or the business name in case the transaction is made between businesses and not as individuals.

3. Describe Your Obligations

You must present your obligation by specifying the services you need to perform to fulfill your obligations. You must also present your obligations in detail, specifying the particular service that you need to do. As much as possible, be straightforward and keep your words simple and easy to understand in order to avoid ambiguity and misunderstandings in the future.

4. Present the Other Party's Obligations

After presenting your obligations, you must also describe the other party's obligation. You need to specify whether the obligation of the other party is to give, to do, or not do. Those three are the typical obligation that one can encounter in an HR agreement, so better take note of that.

5. Specify TImelines or Milestones

It is important that you spell out the timelines or milestones involved in the agreement by specifying the dates of the delivery of the parts of the service as well as the final date or the deadline, the time when all the obligations of both parties must be fulfilled.

6. Establish Ownership Rights

While an agreement is more casual than the contract, in an agreement, you must also establish ownership rights. This might not be applicable in all HR agreements, but as a basic, this is a primary element that must be present in your simple agreement. You must clearly specify which party retains ownership rights at the end of the agreement period or after the fulfillment of the obligation.

7. Add the Signature and Date Lines

Make sure to provide a space for each party to sign. When the agreement is between two business entities, the representatives for each business must sign the agreement, to acknowledge that they have made an approval to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

8. Recheck and Finalize

Lastly, finalize everything by making sure that the agreement is complete and the details are correct. Be sure to save your work as you can still use it in the future. You can have a printed copy of your sample agreement if you want to have a hard copy or you can send a digital copy to the other party, whichever is convenient for both of you.