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Prepare an HR Banner for Your Company’s Website, Complete with Editable Vector Images Using HR Banner Templates in HTML from Our Samples Include HR Management and Admin Templates and HR Payroll Templates. For Recruitment Events, We Have Flyers, Brochures, and HR Posters Available for Download Anytime. Choose Your Design and Download for Free!See more

The human resources department is a crucial part of every functional business, from making HR strategies to managing the payroll of every employee in the company. The HR department has a wide variety of necessary tasks. One of these tasks is the recruitment of new employees. An advertisement is an essential tool for recruitment. And one of the many tools for advertisement is a banner. You can have them printed or remain digital so that you can post them on your company's website or social media platforms. Our website has several ready-made HR banner templates for you to consider. You can customize them and download them instantly. Feel free to choose among the templates available.

How to Make an HR Banner

Your banner will serve as the advertisement that there is a job opening on your company. You can employ different types of banner, whether they are roll-up banners or digital banners for your website and social media platform. Learn how to make creative banners that will allow you to welcome new employees at the end of the day.

1. Plan Out Your Banner

Everything begins with planning. Establish a complete picture of your banner. Plan every detail. You can start by choosing a theme. Choosing a theme can help you later on because it can guide you in setting up your visual aesthetics.

2. Choose a Program to Design Your Banner

Selecting a suitable program is next to your to-do list. Choose a graphic designer program that can give a lot of design options. You should also choose something that you can easily familiarize with.

3. Know Your Colors

Since your banner template requires you to be creative, it would be helpful if you become knowledgeable in utilizing and manipulating colors. Try to learn about color theory. Color theory will teach to find the harmony of colors, how colors should go together, and which colors blend nicely with one another.

4. Know Your Font

Being an artist will teach you that, although colors are what attract the eyes, it is the written text that carries the message. Being able to utilize them effectively will help you greatly. So study your font styles and sizes.

5. Print Your Banner

This tip is for when you have decided to have your banner printed. Go to a printing shop. Before you submit your creative banner for printing, make sure to check for errors and mistakes. Check the quality of the printed banner before you accept it as the final product.


  • What's a Banner?

      1. A banner is a rectangular piece of cloth or tarp that bears visual materials like symbols, slogans, messages. Its purpose is to expose whatever it is bearing to as many people as possible. It is a very useful tool for marketing.
      2. In the digital world, a banner is any bar-shaped space that is used for advertisement. It contains graphic photos and text and usually has links to the website they are advertising.
  • What Does a Banner Contain?

      A banner can contain anything. It can include images, symbols, messages, etc. As long as it is something requires to be seen by many people, it can be put into a banner.

  • What Is The Difference Between a Banner and a Flag?

      When it comes to placement, a banner is usually attached somewhere on its two opposing sides. This is to ensure that the message it contains is adequately seen. A flag is generally secured into a pole on its one side. A flag mostly bears colors and symbols that represent an entity, like a country or an organization.

  • What Is a Good Banner Size?

      The typical sizes that are used in business and personal banners are 3'x6' or 4'x8'. However, you can use any sizes as long as your message or symbol is visible from a distance.