How to Create Effective HR Brochures in Illustrator

An HR brochure is a promotional material that provides people information about HR services. Inside the brochure, you can find information about the history of an HR company, the programs they offer, and their contact numbers. Creating your HR brochure should not be too complicated once you follow the steps below.

1. Work on a Design Layout that Highlights Your Brochure's Contents

Your priority when starting on your brochure-making task is to find a layout that would appropriately suit it. First, look at the number of your written contents and selected images and think about how it would take up spaces in the brochure. From there, you will have an idea about whether a bi-fold would suffice, or you would need a tri-fold to accommodate everything. You also have to select the orientation and the size as well. The brochure's standard size is 8.5 by 11 inches, but you can always adjust the numbers according to your preference. If you want to introduce colors before incorporating texts and pictures, make sure to use colors that would certainly emphasize the details in the brochure.

2. Enumerate Your Services and Programs

Next, it is time to enter your content in the brochure. But before that, it is better to verify whether it is as comprehensive as you want it to be. For an HR brochure, we can assume that most of the programs offered are consulting, employee training, coaching, resource management, or outsourcing. When it comes to services, an HR company may provide a commission to help a business make HR software (internal and systems databases), set-up job fairs, or provide agency manpower. The best way to advertise your offerings is to mention everything your company can do and what it would bring to someone's corporate table.

3. Mention Stats and Achievements

If you have been in business for quite a time, one way to convince your readers of how effective you are as a company is to state what you have accomplished so far and the status of the company. For your stats, you can always mention how many companies you have served and is still serving, how many people have found jobs with your help, turnover stats, how many employees you have, to name a few. If you have achieved any awards in the past years, you can also mention it. State your facts to enhance your credibility.

4. Pick Brilliant Visuals

If you include photos or images such as a logo in your brochure, do pick ones that are of high-quality and not just your run-of-the-mill stock photos. Excellent visuals are helpful for when you want to attract more customers to read your brochure. Utilize pictures of your team, your office, your clients (with their testimonials), or a high-grade image of your company logo with the emblem and writings clear as day.

5. Utilize Testimonies

If you want to use testimonies to let the readers know how your previous (or current) clients are happy with your services, you might as well go for those who have seen tremendous changes. The more stimulating the story of the testimony is, the more believable your content would be to readers because it would then make sense to them how reliable your business is. So, find that one client (or two) that have attained the best results after engaging with your business.

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