Companies need an efficient and dedicated human resources department to ensure that the company structure and staffing meets the business needs. However, an HR department cannot be operative when its staff does not undergo any HR training or coaching. Therefore, if you are a company that offers HR solutions to companies who need HR services, hand out HR brochures to these organizations and offer them your services. Here are professionally crafted HR Brochure Templates readily available for customizations in Apple Pages. Skim through the ready-made templates below. Choose one that matches the services you offer and start handing them out to potential clients. 

How to Make an HR Brochure in Pages

The task of the human resource department is not only conventional hiring and firing function. It goes deeper than what most people know. Basically, the HR department oversees other aspects of a company. Human resource management is intended to boost the efficiency of a business and provide support to achieving the desired outcomes and goals. Additionally, to achieve the highest level of efficiency of the company and its employees, HR outsourcing of services from a consulting company is essential. HR consulting companies can provide the help most businesses need to achieve the prime competence of this particular department.

Introduce your HR consulting services to companies in need through the use of an HR brochure. Design one by yourself through Apple Pages. Simply follow the short guide below.

1. Establish the Objective

Before you begin creating your brochure, you must have in mind an objective as to why you need this brochure. By determining the objective, this will guide you as to what information you need to place on the brochure and how you are going to design it. You should have to know the objective at the back of your hand. So, contemplate whether the intention, services, or offers are coaching in staffing, recruitment, etc.

2. Gather Necessary Information

Now that you have established the purpose of the brochure, gather the necessary information that is necessary for the content. You can research about the services your HR company offers. Or, you can directly interview or ask stakeholders and executives. It is requisite that you perform accurate and comprehensive data gathering to introduce your company to the readers easily. The information you gathered should be facts. You can also include the background of your company. However, keep a limit as to what information you want to include on it since it has limited space to write on. You don't want to make the HR brochure appear snug.

3. Get Creative

Just like any advertising materials, you have to get creative with your brochure. This will not only catch the attention of the reader but also compel them to read further. Choose the right colors and fonts for the brochure. You can opt to use images if you want. Make your brochure catchy but not wacky. Keep in mind that your readers are executives of their companies. You have to keep it professional-looking. You can also make use of the templates available above for a hassle-free designing process.

4. Review Sample

You cannot avoid typos, grammar mistakes, and punctuation errors. No one is perfect, and for that reason, you need to review and proofread the content. Not only will you identify the above mentioned but also the gaps, redundant statements, and unnecessary information in your leaflet. Additionally, you'll get to check the overall design of the brochure. Reviewing is a must if you want the reader to take your brochure seriously. Errors and mistakes in your brochure can make it appear unprofessional and amateur. Once done, you can have your brochure printed.

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