Because of people's awareness of human rights, Human Resource Management (HRM) has to be widened through the years. This awareness gave focus to employment law, pensions, training, benefits, and more. Because of this, the relationship between employees and employers became transparent and benefited both ends. If you want to be transparent with every internal transaction of your company, like preparing payroll and assigning leave credits, you need an HR calculator. This tool will help you organize any HR-related processes and manage the workforce. So here is an HR Calculator Template that you can download from our website. This template will make a difference in every business transaction and HR process. Get this 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally designed, high-quality, and printable template now. For more ready-made and user-friendly templates, subscribe to any of our subscription plans today. 

How to Make an HR Calculator Document in Microsoft Office Word

Today, the human resource industry is having many challenges. One of the challenges is the emergence of artificial intelligence. However, it is debatable whether technology is helping the industry or taking it down the hill. Based on the data reported by Statista in 2019, 47 percent of multinational businesses admitted that they own access to the Human Resources Management System (HRSMS). When the survey was conducted, headquarters all over the world reported that they use, on average, 3.56 various communication methods for their internal transactions.

There are many ways to deploy people in your company. And after you hire them, you have to take care of their salary, benefits, insurance, and more. All these need to be documented so that you can monitor every process. To do that, you need a good HR calculator. Below are steps you can follow in making an HR calculator. Read below for more dos and don'ts in creating this document in Microsoft Office Word.

1. Start with an Outline

The most important thing to remember in making an HR calculator is it is easier if you use a tabular format—this means presenting the data in rows and columns. To do this, you need a word processing application that can help you manipulate the data. To do this, outline the document beforehand. If you start with an outline, it can be your guide as you continue making the document. Also, with an outline, you can avoid errors and tweak if you need adjustments.

2. Provide Important Details

After the outline, your next move is to input ideas in it. Since the outline provides you with a framework and helps you organize the document, it is easier to complete your HR calculator.

Moreover, if you are a beginner who has no idea in making an HR calculator, you can refer to online resources or old files. Referring to reliable sources can help you identify what type of HR calculator you are to make since there are several kinds of this document, such as employee turnover rate, claim settlement, insurance claim, and salary calculator.

3. Format the Content

Creating a well-written HR calculator needs completeness. In order to do that, you have to consider correct spacing, indention, capitalization, and punctuations. If you have the correct format of the document or the letter, it will be concise and accurate. You should also double-check the data you provide because it is the bloodline of your document.

4. Use Easy-to-Read Typographies

Business-related forms should be easy to ready, and it has to look professional. To do that, use simple typographies or fonts. The reason for this is to maintain a neat and comprehensible format. Lastly, simple fonts are pleasing and inviting to your reader's eyes.

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