Let's face it; when we hear about the word termination, no doubt that it automatically sends shivers down to our spine. Although this kind of employment process is inevitable to happen, we need to consider that an employer must take into account the general welfare of a business or any organization itself. However, in issuing a termination paper, one employer must also consider its legality, especially in writing one. If instances occur wherein you are unsure of writing a termination or firing paper, then allow our HR Firing and Termination Templates to help you. Since packed with pre-made content and layout, get to have a professionally crafted termination form as fast as one, two, three. It's also printable and customizable, so no need for you to create one termination paper from scratch. Download one template now!

How to Create an HR Firing and Termination Letter in Google Docs

It may be a harsh or saddening part to hear the word termination, but this process goes to every business or organization set-up, regardless of the industry. Issuing a termination letter is a necessary part of the employee's termination process. The letter confirms the employee's termination, and it serves as a useful guideline of an employee for when their job ends. However, issuing a firing or termination letter isn't just a mere walk in the park. There are still guidelines that a company must follow in every termination process, such as job loss & health care benefits and other unemployment benefits, as per the US Department of Labor. Nevertheless, we'll show you how to professionally craft a termination and firing letter through our steps below.

1. Identify the Reason

There are different reasons why an office issues a termination or firing—an employee might personify poor performance in work that doesn't meet with the industry standards, or it could be possible that a company is going through staff reduction. But, regardless of whatever your reason for issuing a termination document, you need to make sure that you determine so that you can easily construct your letter, plus you can avoid the chances of getting into legal liabilities.

2. Draft the Letter

Creating one termination or firing letter doesn't need to be flashy, for it's considered as a formal document. Like any other form of letters, like application letters, make sure that you craft it in a polished way. And for you to achieve it, crafting your letter first in a separate draft can help you.

3. Attach an Evidence

Since issuing a termination letter can be bound to legal lapses as mentioned in the previous step, you need to make sure that you avoid this kind of setback. That is why one of the essential things that you need to consider for termination is by attaching evidence that qualifies your recipient for such action. You can choose to refer to your company's employment contract and include it in your crafted termination letter.

4. Craft it Digitally

Through your preferred layout app, you can now begin formulating your letter. Along with your draft, carefully transfer all the necessary content that would complete your termination letter. Don't forget your company letterhead! As much as possible, make sure that your company is always represented through your letterhead.

5. Download a Template

If you want to create a termination paper without the hassle of creating it from scratch, utilizing a ready-made template is your best option. For your convenience, we already sorted above a wide variety of letter template files that you can use. All of them are customizable, accessible, and downloadable for you to use. Plus, all of them are printable, so feel free to check on them.

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