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How to Make an HR Invitation in MS Word

The human resource department plays a vital function in a business setting. From organizing corporate events to attending business conferences, such tasks are endless. According to Business Wire, 73 percent of employers believe that a company that values a great corporate culture has more edge compared to those who have not. This analysis is what HR departments are trying to achieve. And attaining this would require HR activities like training, conferences, meetings, and other related events.

To make these HR activities productive, its target audience should take part. And one of the most effective tools that you can use to spread these messages is invitations. Learn how you can make an engaging one in MS Word with the series of guide tips that we have listed down below.

1. Know your Headcount

A typical party or any sort of social event is not exclusive for all. Most of them often come in a small number of guests. The same thing goes for your HR activities as well. If you want to get an overview of the number of custom invitations you are going to make, then you need to finalize first the total number of attendees you expect to come. If it's by department, then have a printed list of their names. Make sure to have it checked for errors. This can be helpful for you, particularly if you want to make the HR invitation more personal.

2. Draft its Structure

Fascinate your guests by sending out a unique HR invitation. Attaining this starts with an appealing and interesting layout style and structure. In drafting it, you have to relate it to its intended purpose. For instance, if it's a happy hour invitation, then don't make it look like a formal document, instead, opt to use a more exciting and appealing structure for it. There are different sample design invitations on the internet that you can take reference from. Check them out if you are having a hard time conceptualizing one.

3. Construct its Content

The content of your invitation is just as important as its design, that's why you also have to exert some effort in constructing it. Generally placed on the center part of an invitation, this section is responsible for informing your guest about the essential details of the event. Just like a typical party invitation, your HR invitation should also include details like the what, when, and where. Make sure to emphasize them so that your guests can quickly notice and read them on the invitation.

4. Apply Visual Elements

Designs are an essential aspect of every invitation. And sometimes, they may also vary depending on its purpose. Let's say you are creating a meeting invitation card, and since a meeting is too formal, you would also want to make your invitation look more formal and professional, right? If you're going to go beyond that, you may. But remember just to tone it down a little bit and don't overdo everything.

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