How to Make an HR Letterhead in Illustrator

According to the website, The Design Bold Academy, letterheads make documents legal and signify the company's professionalism. As an HR staff, you'll be sending various papers to your employees. To help authenticate those documents, add a letterhead with the help of our guidelines below.

1. Gather Ideas for the Design

As simple as letterheads may be, the first thing to execute when making one is to gather ideas for its design. You can get a lot of ideas by looking at other HR letterheads or researching online for samples. This will also help you on how to format your letterhead.

2. Make an Initial Letterhead Design

After having enough ideas to form your business letterhead, start drafting an initial design. Here, you can sketch your letterhead's layout, or write down notes or descriptions about it. Doing this will give you enough room for revisions to the design if needed.

3. Incorporate Your Brand's Image

As an HR staff, you need to ensure that your documents represent your company. In creating a letterhead, don't forget to incorporate your brand's logo into the design. Choose whether to place the logo on the left or at the center of your company letterhead.

4. Organize the Elements in Hierarchical Order

After adding your logo, you can start inputting the rest of the company's details. When doing so, arrange them logically for easy comprehension. From the top moving downward, begin with the company's name, followed by the company's address, and end with the company's contact information.

5. Ensure Simplicity in the Design

Before you wrap it up, go over the design and ensure the readers comprehend the details of your material. And since this is an HR letterhead, you need to keep it simple and professional. Highlight the company’s identity instead of the letterhead's creativity.

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