How to Create an HR Name Tag in Illustrator

During the Roman Empire, criminals will wear name tags as a form of punishment. How? Your family name will be humiliated in public, making your family feeling ashamed of what you did. And while name tags are a form of punishment during this era, it is a material used as a form of identification in this modern era, and it comes in a variety of types and styles. Designing your Human Resource Name Tags are very easy. Here is what you will do to achieve it. Read the given steps below for your information:

1. Know Where to Use It

Before creating an HR Name Tag, you need to plan where you are going to use the name tag because this might help you create a design that will suit its purpose. You can start by meeting with your team and discuss about it. During the meeting, you can get ideas from your group, like the goals and purpose. You will also be able to ask your teammates if they want to input something on the name tag or nothing at all. If there is, you can make a list.

2. Conceptualize a Style

To make your human resource name tags attractive and compelling, create a concept that would impress the holder and the one who is looking at it. You can think of putting some attractive colors on it. Beautiful colors can easily catch one's attention. You can get an inspirational design from the internet or ask a friend to help you create a layout design. But if it's just an ordinary event or you want things to be simple, there is no need for you to put some designs or too many colors on it. Just keep it plain if it's your preference.

3. Open the Editing Tool

There are a variety of tools you can use to craft your name tag layout. But, you can choose one that makes it easier for you to create one. Adobe Illustrator has user-friendly components to help and guide you on how to make your layout attractive. You can start by opening the software that is on your computer. Utilize the tools that are found in there. Make sure that you have applied the elements in creating a name tag. You then insert and place the details in there and organize it to make it easier to read.

4. Keep and Roll-Up

If you think you satisfied with your masterpiece, you can save it on your computer, laptop, or keep it through websites like Google Drive and Yahoo Mail. Securing a copy lets you use the template in the future. You might use it in some events or other sorts of activities that you want to organize. And when you are done, print it right away. Depending on the purpose, you can print it in the form of a sticker, cardboard, identification card, or any paper. Produce as many copies as you can, depending on the number of holders.

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