How to Make an HR Name Tag in Apple Pages

Some people may find it hard to remember the names of the people they are working with. This can happen to the HR department, as well. That's why plastering names (name tags) on people's clothes is going to help with identifying them. The Washington Post stated that calling people by their names is a sign of courtesy by recognizing them. It's a fact that not all people can remember people's names all the time, that's why name tags can help. If you need to make HR name tags or name badges now, and you don't know how to start, you can refer to the tips below on how to make them:

1. Add Your Company Branding

Aside from recognizing the name of the person, the name tag has to have a company branding. This way, people who don't work on the company can easily distinguish where the person works. To do this, you can place your company logo, company tagline, or company name anywhere on the tag.

2. Place the Name of the Owner of the Name Tag

Make it part of your checklist to highlight the name of the person. This will serve as employee recognition. You can choose to write the first name of the employee or his or her full name. For the font style, you have to make sure that it's in boldface. Keeping it highlighted is going to help people easily draw their eyes on the name and quickly read it.

3. Add the Job Position of the Person

Knowing the job position of someone in the company is as important as the person's name. For this, you have to add the position of the person. You can put it at the bottom of the person's name. Doing this can help people or clients distinguish a person's job from others. The job title doesn't need to have to be on the same size as the name of the employee. So, make the job position slightly smaller than the name.

4. Pick Readable Typographies

Make it part of your plan and notes to select typographies that are easy to read. Choose the ones that look professional and presentable. Don't let people have a hard time reading the content of the name tag. No matter how beautiful a typography is, if it's hard to read, it's going to inconvenient for people.

5. Get Creative

If you wish to make your company's name tag better than others, then get creative. You can add personal touches on the nameplate. You can add a phrase like, "Hi! My name is..." before the name of the person. This can make your name tag more engaging. Likewise, don't leave the name tag looking dull. For that, you can add colors and other patterns to it. For the colors, you can use your company color palette. Using your company's colors can make your name tag more distinguishable. Further, you have to make sure that your name tag's design would still look professional even with adding some designs to it.

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