Newsletters are proven to be useful and valuable over the past few generations. As the statistics show, 62% of the employment population of the United States are still reading newsletters everyday. For Human Resource (HR) officers, newsletters can be a tool to inform every employee of the company about its current status. Have newsletters that you can utilize by having our premium, high-quality, and beautifully-designed HR Newsletter Template. Our template is 100% customizable and easily editable in Apple Pages format. Moreover, you can have this in a printed document or email form. Do not hesitate and download this amazing template immediately!

How to Make an HR Newsletter on Apple Pages

As a Human Resource (HR) officer, it is your responsibility to inform your internal employees about the company’s current standing. As Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts Limited stated ‘’Human Resource isn’t a thing to do. It’s the thing that runs the business.’’ This just shows how important that HR must be transparent and informative at all times. So, to portray your role as an HR, here are some useful tips in making an HR Newsletter.

1. Value your Employees

As your employees serve as one of the major factors that the company is running, you need to make them feel valued through your newsletter. Make your HR newsletter content valuable for them. To give you HR newsletters topics, you can consider some factors like business updates, employee news, industry trends, upcoming events, customer stories, or case studies.

2. Include Company Culture

Your newsletter is one of the most suitable documents where you can discuss your organizational culture. This is an advantage for you, especially for your newly hired employees as you can save time and effort in orienting them. It would also be an advantage for tenured employees as you can include their names in the HR newsletter for employees. This would bring a positive note to them as they would feel recognized and appreciated.

3. Connect with your Audience

You cannot communicate with each of your employees as it would take you days. To make it possible, make use of your newsletter. You can connect with your employees by including some dialogs and conversations into your newsletter. This is effective especially for companies that have a massive number of employees.

4. Divide your Newsletter

You would need to divide your document into digestible sections. Organize your content in a way that what the employees would first expect in a newsletter. As a result, they can navigate smoothly through the newsletter.

5. Add an Element of Surprise

If you think strategically, your newsletter would not be successful if your recipient would not open it. So, to make sure that your employee will surely divulge with your HR newsletter, you need to add an element of surprise. For example, for the weekly newsletter, the first section of it would be a staff lunch or gathering. They would be excited about the monthly newsletter as they are hoping for another surprise.

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