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How to Make an HR Policy in Apple Pages

As Julie Bevacqua noted, ''In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters to your people.'' With this, you need to make sure that the policies that you would come up for the company focus on the welfare and betterment of the employees. So, if you would ask, ''how can I be a better Human Resource Officer by coming up with a good HR policy manual?" Well, lucky for you as we have here some tips that you can follow in making an HR policy.

1. Choose the Right Title

Of course, an HR policy is not an exception for a good title. In coming up with a compelling title, it must describe the overall content of the policy. Picking a relevant title for the policy that you are making is an essential step towards a suitable HR policy. For example, if you tend to make a recruitment policy document, you can label ''Recruitment Policies and Procedures''. In that way, your future employee would immediately get the idea of the policy.

2. Understand the Core of the Policy

In coming up with a policy, you need to dig deep with its core and understand it well. You need to understand the motive behind the policy. Remember, the company and the HR intend to come up with a roadmap to reach the company's goal. To achieve this, you must come up with policies that would answer every employee's inquiry regarding their employment.

3. Use Simple Language

It is extremely important to emphasize this tip as your policy would be ineffective if your reader would not understand it in the first place. Do not forget that you have a diverse group of employees in your company, so make adjustments to your policy. Make sure to use clear and straightforward language in laying out procedures. Be as precise as possible, and refrain from using jargons.

4. Be Clear with Consequences

It is given that in every policy, there must be a respective consequence of each violation. Lay out the consequences according to the degree of violation. For example, you laid out an HR policy for the dress code, be specific with the disciplinary action to be taken and label it minor, second, and major offense. This is heavily recommended for the policy's strict compliance and effectiveness.

5. Outline your Policy

Now that you have these tips, you can now outline your policy. Bear in mind that you are making a legal document, so proper outlining of policy means a clear demonstration of the policy. To outline it, every sequence must be mentioned for the employees to be adequately guided. Also, the consequences and disciplinary actions must be highlighted for them not to overlook each policy. In that way, it would turn out effective.

6. Proofread and Finalize Everything

You might encounter this tip over and over again, but do not underestimate its use. Especially for a crucial document like a policy, you need to proofread everything and make sure that every policy competent must be there. Start with your heading— logo, company information, and policy title. For content, ensure that you did not leave out an important policy. Lastly, for the conclusion, it must wrap up the entire document. If you made sure that everything is in order, you could submit it to your executives for approval.

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