Working on the human resource department of a company covers more than a single work. HR staff has all-around responsibilities—recruiting, hiring, creating policies, organizing training and seminars, etc. Disseminating these details are also part of your duties. Hence, you will need to have a competent material enough to cater to the information. One of those that you can easily make is posters. Thus, we present to you our well-made HR Poster Templates available in both internal and external use. Our templates come with pre-made layouts, designs, and content customizable in multiple file formats and print-ready in A4 and US sizes. Download now, and have an impressive HR poster right away!

How to Make an HR Poster?

HR posters refer to a printed promotional material often used by the human resource department of every firm to advertise recruiting and hiring events. This also means effective business communication since it can carry details such as company mission and vision, internal job posting, job consultancy, new policies, employee training, seminars, and more. It is a cost-efficient and convenient way of letting know about specific events, according to an article from Chron.

Just like any print advertising materials, posters are also not that difficult to make. Follow the easy-to-learn tips that we provide below on how to create an HR poster. Here's how.

1. Know its Use

Start making your HR poster by knowing its purpose first. As stated above, an HR poster is multipurpose. Thus, you have to identify the focus of creating one. Are you crafting a poster to advertise your company's hiring events? Or to provide information to employees regarding new rules in management and workplace? Knowing the use of your HR poster gives you various advantages—it allows you to save up more time since you already have an idea of what details to gather, as well as the resources to use.

2. Make the Draft

After you have determined the purpose of creating an HR poster, the next thing you need to do is to make a draft. In doing so, you can choose any editing software that you think will help you through the process. Drafting your HR poster includes crafting the layout, format, as well as designing it. However, you have to make sure that your visual features will mirror the purpose of your HR poster.

For instance, if you create an HR poster for hiring promotions, you may incorporate appealing designs and striking colors that will catch the attention of job seekers. If it's for policies, keep the graphic designs and format professional and organized.

3. Add the Content

Once your HR poster template is ready, you may now proceed to add its content. The content may also vary to the use of your HR poster. However, it is not necessary to have a wordy text. If you want your poster document to be more attractive, use the KISS method, keep it short and simple. Do not put too much content to avoid boring your audience. You may also apply a call to action statement to make it more engaging.

4. Include Company Branding

When you finish adding the content, the next thing you must do is to include your company branding. Doing this is necessary to establish a good impression and professionalism for applicants. You may insert your company logo and tagline, contact details, and company address.

If you think your HR poster template is good to go, then you can already proceed to print. But to maintain proficiency, make sure to evaluate your output. Once you're satisfied, you may start printing it using high-quality paper materials and a good-as-new printing machine to produce an impressive and presentable HR poster.

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