How To Make An HR Poster In Illustrator

In a world where online advertising is dominating, people tend to forget about the traditional way of marketing and advertising. Yup, advertising through online platforms might get you to people a whole lot faster, but it would still be best if you will do both printed and digital advertising. And when it comes to printed marketing tools, nothing beats the good old poster. According to the data shown in Statista, 26% out of 30% of consumers in the United States thinks that poster advertising is kind of helpful.

Furthermore, for the Human Resource specialists who are responsible for recruiting workers and putting up important information for employees to see, posters are the way to go. It's cost-effective, versatile, and portable. Follow the guide below on how you can make an enticing hr poster in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use a Simple and Clear Language

When you create your poster, you have to keep in mind of your target audience. This means you have to make sure that your readers can easily understand the message you are trying to convey to them. Say, for example, you are creating a recruitment poster. You don't put words like attrition, due diligence, and succession planning in your poster because your readers will not be able to understand them. In short, don't use jargon. Use words that a simple individual can easily understand.

2. Provide Photos and Illustrations

People can easily understand and remember information when they are presented through illustrations and images. Aside from that, eye-catching photos make a poster more attractive as well. Hence, the more reason why you should include photos and illustrations in your poster.

To add an image to your document in Illustrations, go to File, click Place, then select the image file you want to place, and hit the Place button.

3. Come up with an Attention-Grabbing Headline

People will usually look at the headline before they read the content of a poster. If they find it intriguing, then, of course, they will proceed reading the content. But if it's not, then chances are they will look the other way. That's why it's very important to come up with an attention-grabbing headline, as well as a clear label for your poster.

4. Keep it Minimal

The layout of your poster is important as it's one of the attributes that will get your poster noticed. But, you also have to ensure that the message you are trying to convey will stand out. So, when designing your poster, keep the design elements minimal and focus more on the color and typography. And don't forget to add in your company logo and use your company colors to promote branding. Check out our HR Poster Templates. They contain suggestive headings, pre-formatted layouts, original artwork, and fonts.

5. Review and Invest in High-Quality Printing Materials

It's always important that you review your work after you're done to ensure that it has no errors and mistakes that need to be corrected. Also, make sure you invest in high-quality printing materials if you don't want to compromise your modern poster's quality.

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