While human resources officers (HR) handle different company areas such as employee engagement, employee development, data management, and more, employee recruitment is their primary responsibility. They are responsible for screening new employees to join the company. With this crucial job they execute, they must come up with a strategic plan in employee selection. Get to achieve this and have a guide for the HR recruitment process by downloading our HR Recruitment Templates in Microsoft Word. These templates are easily editable, 100% customizable, and instantly downloadable in various file formats. Moreover, you can have this in any device with an internet connection. Download this template now and recruit the best employees for your company!

How to Make an HR Recruitment Document in Microsoft Word

Jim Collins once stated, "Great vision without great people is irrelevant." This quote clearly shows how the recruitment process of a company is valued and prioritized. Without recruitment, no employee can work for the company. Without great people, the company is useless. So, as a human resources officer, you need to value your company's recruitment process. How? Through HR recruitment documents. Wondering where to start? Here are tips that you can follow in making one.

1. Develop Recruitment Strategies

Let us start with the basics—brain dumping. Take time to come up with ideas for possible recruitment strategies. What type of employees should be targeted? What recruitment message should be conveyed? How can the target be reached? To come up with answers, you may conduct research or evaluation of past recruitment efforts. All of these and more, these would help you structure a plan for your HR document.

2. Make an Effective Introduction

For your HR recruitment document's introduction, it must be constructed well for recruitment to be effective. You need to lay out the purpose of the document in this section. Remember that the introduction must establish the mood of the document, so you need to make it as brief and concise as possible. For example, if you tend to make an HR recruitment report for employee training, you would need to indicate a simple background of the training, the employees involved, and its purpose.

3. Indicate the Process

In every HR recruitment document that you make, indicating the process is one of the most essential things that you need to do. For every HR recruitment checklist that you make, you need to indicate a checklist of the recruitment process. For the recruiting plan, you need to indicate the process in its content. This is evident that the hiring process is essential, so you need to write it truthfully and concisely.

4. Lay Out Recruitment Metrics

Of course, you cannot immediately recruit an applicant without adhering to the recruitment metrics of the company. These may include the time to hire, the cost of filling the position, new employee retention rate, new employee performance level, applicant's perception rate on recruitment, and hiring managers' satisfaction with the recruitment process. As important as the process, you need to indicate it in your HR recruitment document as much as possible.

5. Deal with Numbers

If you are in a situation where you would need to make an HR recruitment document requiring numbers, you need to deal with it properly. Remember that your company is recruiting to increase the number of employees, so record it in your HR recruitment document as possible. For example, if you are bound to make an HR recruitment dashboard for the year, you need to indicate everything—from the number of hired employees to the cost of the hiring. Be as precise as possible because a single digit can ruin everything in your document.

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