Be it a task to design an ID card for a hospital, school, business company, or other institutions, we have numerous professional Ready-Made ID Card Templates you can download and instantly use to verify someone’s status within a group. With our easy-editable templates, you can cut down on plenty of hassle and save time! Whether they're IDs for students of a college or for employees of office staff, all you have to do is personalize the graphics and information to make it more suitable for your needs. Have the freedom to reposition, resize, replace, or remove the visual design and text in various file formats such as MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, Apple Pages, and Publisher. So, download now and make use of our useful ID templates!

How to Make ID Cards?

Remember that the main purpose of an ID card is to prove that identity whoever owns it. So whether it's for a campus of a public high school to the secure interior of a corporate office, you should learn how to properly assemble a spiffy ID card that does what it's supposed to. Choose from our available card templates, pick a file format and compatible program to get started!

1. Decide on Which Program to Use

So, each choice from our varied line of ready-made printable ID Card Templates comes with different file formats that you can take advantage of, being compatible with a number of editing programs that you can find online. If that’s the case, then which software should you go for? Whichever one you choose will be good, but here’s a brief rundown on the programs that are compatible with our templates:

For Microsoft, We have Word and Publisher. These two are the most approachable and convenient ones, being very effective for quick and easy customization.

From Apple’s selection, there’s their Pages app. This should be your go-to if you use a macOS computer or iOS device. Pages have a sleek and simple UI while still delivering efficient features for your editing needs.

Last but definitely not least, Adobe offers Photoshop and Illustrator. These take more getting used to than the stated above, but you also get the most creative freedom.

2 Choose a Suitable Design

Have you chosen a program to edit your template with?


Now, start browsing through our vast collection of beautifully designed and creative ID card templates to find the right one for what you need. You’ll see that there’s plenty to pick from, so feel free to take however much time you need to search for and decide on a design template that’s right for the job. Our ID templates come with sleek and simple designs, adorned by eye-pleasing color palettes that help the overall layout pop out while still maintaining a subdued tone to still appear professional.

3. Download Your Desired Template

If a professional ID design catches your interest but you’d like to have a better look at it before downloading, you can view some preview images of it by clicking on the thumbnail and heading to the new tab that should’ve opened on your web browser. On the new page, you can find one or several preview pictures that you can click to zoom in on and have a much closer look at.

After you settle on a design, you can find a provided download link button to the right side of a template’s page. Simply click the download button and go through some quick steps to save your new template to your storage.

4. Put Your ID Together

With your editing software ready and a shiny new template downloaded, you can now get to customizing! Since our templates already come with placeholder text, fillable blanks, and colored graphics, you just need to do a bit of altering to get the corporate ID card ready.

Replace the prewritten text to whatever that needs to be there instead and input the necessary data into the blank fields. Remember to add the ID’s to-be owner’s photo/picture onto the template.

5. Don’t Forget to Save

When you’re through with editing, just save the changes and the template is ready to be printed out. Putting together any service ID is easy by making use of our diverse card templates!

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