What Is a College ID Card

A college identification card or ID card is a document of identification that contains general info about an officially enrolled college student. It includes their full name, contact number, home address, and course. But it's not just students who have ID cards. College teachers and deans are also issued with college ID cards. There are two main reasons why ID cards are issued in colleges. First is that it clarifies that a student, teacher, and dean is officially part of the university. The second is for campus security purposes.

How to Create a College ID Card in Apple Pages?

Here are a few tips we have gathered that can help you create a standard college ID card for your university.

1. Use Apple Pages

Apple Pages may be known widely for being a reliable word processor, but it can function well as the editing software for your college ID cards. Apple Pages has flexible features that can help you to customize your ID card design as much as you want. Moreover, if you have an Apple PC or device, chances are you already have it. Hence, there's no need to pay for installation.

2. Select Whether Horizontal or Vertical

You can never start creating an ID card without first deciding whether it'll stand vertically or horizontally. For college ID cards, there's no golden rule if it should stand vertically or horizontally. It's entirely up to your university's preference. But in most cases, universities prefer having a vertical ID card.

3. Place The University Logo

It's not just the student, teacher, and dean who's being represented by a college ID card. The ID card is also representing the university itself. With that fact, you must place the official logo of your university in the ID card. The best place for you to place is at the top portion of the ID card's front.

4. Encode All Necessary Information

The information that you must encode on the ID card is the student's/teacher's/dean's name, contact number, student's course, date of birth, home address, and contact person in case of emergency. They are the very essence of why a college ID card is vital in your university.

5. Enhance The ID Photo

Part of what makes an attractive ID card is a quality ID photo of its holder. The best approach that you can do to achieve a quality ID photo is to use a DSLR camera and taking it in a well-lit room. After taking the photo and you realize it's not good enough, enhance it using a reliable photo editing software. By doing those steps, you can expect that the photo will be clear and conceivable in the ID card.

6. Improve Its Design

Keep in mind that a college ID card will be presented to whoever wishes to view it. With that thought, it's advisable to make enhancements with its design. You could either attach vector images, apply uniformed color schemes, and attach relevant background images. If you find it challenging to design the ID card, then there's no need to worry. College ID card templates with great default designs are available for download on the internet.

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