How To Create a Creative ID Card in Adobe Illustrator?

An identification card is a card that contains the primary data of a person. It is used as proof of entitlement or to support the identity claim of an individual. Aside from identity confirmation, it is also used in different kinds of transactions — such as banking, purchasing, etc. — and in setting foot in various places. According to a study in 2018, the cases of identity theft fell by 9.3% from the year 2015 to 2018. However, it rises back in 2018 with a percentage of 19.8 from a span of one year (2017-2018). That is why you need to ensure that the information are factual and authentic because this card is of multifunction and most commonly used in essential and legal transactions. There is a wide array of identity cards present, and each varies from usage. To name some, here are the professional id, event photographer id, school/student id, employee id, and a lot more.

If you want to DIY a creative identification card using Adobe Illustrator, we are providing you creative tips and guidelines on how. See details below:

1. Recognize the Sort

You need to know what sort of creative identification card you are going to produce so that you can make a spot-on design for it. Is it a creative corporate id card or a creative architect id? Identify. Afterward, begin planning the layout of your card. Should it be modern, unique, or colorful? Decide carefully. It will help you achieve your targets quickly because you will be taking a clear path that will enhance your efficiency as well as your productivity.

2. Use a Creative ID Card Template

Download any of our templates. Make sure that your selection fits its purpose. Open Adobe Illustrator and determine the size — which is 2.13x3.39 inches plus bleed, followed by the card orientation — vertical or horizontal — first, so that you can estimate the design elements to put and their sizes too. Afterward, begin making the layout. If you ought to make id cards for teachers, it should be professional and elegant-looking. It is because teachers are professional individuals; thus, their identity documents or cards must reflect on their profession. Use classy borders and pick a beautiful color combination and fine fonts.

3. Insert Image and Details

What makes an identification card more reliable is the image attached to it. There may be a lot of people bearing similar names, but it will be impossible if their appearances look the same. Therefore, with the help of a photograph, you can strengthen your claims and distinguish yourself from others. Add your primary details if you are done inserting the image. The said details include your complete name, address, birth date, job position, signature, and emergency contact. You may also incorporate the company name, logo, and address.

4. Evaluate Before Saving

Review your project so that you will not waste your effort and resources by producing a default. Check the spelling from the name to the birth date. Make sure that your card is perfect inside out. Afterward, save it by locating the File option from the taskbar, click it, and a bunch of choices will appear. Choose Save as, then select a location from your laptop where you want to shelter the file.

5. Produce

Use the appropriate material when you print your craft for longevity purposes. The ideal material to use is PVC because it is durable and will make your cards flawless over the years. However, if you have acquired another material with the same quality, you may proceed in printing your id cards.

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