How to Create a Creative ID Cards in Pages

Identification is an essential aspect of life; whether you're at school, in your office or even overseas, it's essential to have some form of identity card on you, so you stay safe and secure. This is where identification cards come in. An identification card, or sometimes called as an ID badge, gives identification about the person or organizational membership. Generally, it contains the ID card holder's full name, address, and age and often includes a photograph. ID cards are so important in our day to day life that even in the airport, you will need a passport, another type of identification, to board a flight internationally or domestically. Hence, check out the rest of the article for a step by step guide to better make a creative ID card for whatever purposes.

1. Determine the Purpose

You must first determine what your ID card's goal is. Is it for entrance purposes? Visiting purposes? Security purposes? Or is it for membership purposes? You need to have a clear picture of what your ID badge would look like. This will then make it easier for you to design it later on.

2. Use Design Software

Producing your ID card will be quicker and easier if you use the perfect design software. If you are a Mac user, then I suggest you use the software Apple Pages. This software is not only used for making documents, but it can also be utilized in producing ID cards. This software is easier to use than the more complex design software online. Apple pages put all the correct tools in the right places so that you can easily select a look, customize fonts, and add graphics.

3. Choose Size and Layout

Always design your ID card in a functional layout. When it comes to ID cards, their orientation counts. There is a big difference when you choose a vertical ID card and horizontal ID card. Choose which best fits your ID card. The layout of your ID card should be able to incorporate all the crucial details. Also, decide if your ID card is a single side or double side.

4. Add Visuals and Branding Elements

Since this is a creative identification card, design it accordingly. For example, you are making an ID card for the employees in your company, then create your ID card with a modern appearance to make it look professional. Add a photo of the ID card holder for security or emergency purposes. Do not forget to incorporate the logo of your company or university for branding purposes. You can have one design to create identification cards.

5. Write Important Details

Write essential information such as the contact information, cardholder name, ID number, and position. If you choose a double side ID, other details like the signature and emergency contact person information will be at the back.

6. Finalize and Print

Your ID cards can be printed via a professional printing service or printed at your own home. It can be cost-effective to use an ID printing service because you do not have to buy high-quality printing facilities, software, and supply yourself.

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